Off-air Recording

Information Services provides a central off-air recording service and can provide recordings on  a centrally located server (Helix) for streaming on campus.

Under our ERA licence we can record certain television and radio programmes for use in teaching from these channels

  • BBC television and radio
  • ITV Network services (including ITV2 and ITV3)
  • Channel Four and E4
  • Five television
  • S4C

Staff may record suitable programmes either in their own department or at home. All such recordings require labelling in a particular manner and have certain conditions attached to their use. We have summarised these details our ERA License webpage and further information is available on the ERA website

To request a recording

Recordings will be dealt with on a strictly first come first served basis.

Please make all requests for recordings via the online form wherever possible

Should there be problems with the online form process then please e-mail providing the following details

  • Title of programme
  • Transmission channel
  • Date and Time

Who can use the service:

Due to licence restrictions this service is only available to staff and the recordings must be for "non commercial educational purposes of Aberystwyth University".


Recordings are made free of charge. Media (tape or DVD discs) will be charged at current rates though customers are welcome to provide their own media.


Tapes and discs will be normally be sent out by internal mail.

Points to Note:

  • We can do a maximum of one DVD recording and 3 VHS recordings at any time.
  • Whilst we make every endeavour to ensure that your programme is recorded sometimes the recording may be missed (e.g. schedule changes. In such instances we may be able to get a copy from the BUFVC backup service though this may take some time.

Off-air recording Request Form