Aberystwyth University has four videoconferencing venues:

These venues are registered venues at the JANET Videoconferencing Service (JVS)


There are two elements to a videoconference booking:

    • Booking the room
      • The venues listed above are multi-purpose spaces so the room needs to be booked by Aberystwyth University participants, even if the other participants are booking the actual videoconference.
    • Booking the Videoconferencing connection
      • The venues above are part of the list of registered users at the JANET Videoconferencing Service (JVS)
      • A conference only needs to be booked with JVS by one of the participating institutions
        Once the booking has been made all the participating venues will be connected to each other automatically at the booking start time. However if the one of the other participants is booking the videoconference you will still need to book the room at Aberystwyth University.
      • Where a venue is not part of the JANET Videoconferencing Service, the IP address of that venue will need to be included at the time of booking so that the connection can be made to that venue. Please remember to obtain this BEFORE making your booking and to book early to give time for the arrangements to be made.
  • Booking is on a first come, first served basis
  • There is a minimum booking of 1 hour per room.

You can make and cancel bookings online:

Using the facilities

  • If you require a Technician on site to set up your conference, please ask at the time of booking. This is a charged for service - see below
  • User guides are provided in each studio
  • Each studio has a phone so you can call for technical assistance during your conference if you need it - this support is not charged for
  • The conference organiser will be deemed to be the responsible person for that booking and is assumed to take responsibility for the security and safekeeping of the facility.


Aberystwyth University Users Free
External users £50 + VAT per hour
Technical support £35 + VAT per hour

Please note - Users will be held responsible for any damage caused by their negligence to the facility. Users should therefore ensure that they have appropriate insurance cover.