Aberystwyth University has four video conferencing suites:

General Video Conference suites:

Teaching rooms:


The venues above are part of the list of registered users at the JANET Videoconferencing Service and once entered into the booking service, they connect automatically to the other venues included in that particular booking.

The registered venues are usually those in Education / Council institutions in the UK. External venues can be included simply by supplying us with the IP address for that particular venue, be it UK based or international. Please remember to obtain this BEFORE making your booking wherever possible, alternatively supply us with the contact details of the person who can supply us with this information. Generally, a week in advance to allow for time differences slowing down communication, etc.

Our rooms CAN be booked by other institutions through the JVCS booking process. There is NO NEED to make additional booking arrangements if the room you want is booked by another institution.

  • Booking is on a first come, first served basis
  • There is a minimum booking of 1 hour per room.

You can make and cancel bookings online:

Using the facilities

  • User guides are provided in the studio as well as contact telephone numbers.
  • If you require assistance to set up your conference please ask at the time of booking.
  • The conference organiser will be deemed to be the responsible person for that booking and is assumed to take responsibility for the security and safekeeping of the facility.


  • A.U. use - the service is free at point of use but we do need to recharge any actual costs that we incur, e.g. Overtime costs for late meetings.
  • Non A.U. use- the facilities are available for non A.U. activities and will be charged as follows:
    • The Room: sessions will be charged at £50.00 + VAT per room per hour. Any technical assistance over and above the booking procedure is at £35 per hour + VAT.

Please note - Users will be held responsible for any damage caused by their negligence to the facility. Users should therefore ensure that they have appropriate insurance cover.