Aberystwyth and Bangor University Reciprocal Library Borrowing Scheme

Who may apply?

All current staff and students of Bangor & Aberystwyth Universities are eligible for borrowing privileges under the Aberystwyth/Bangor University reciprocal library borrowing scheme.

What can be borrowed?

Aberystwyth University will offer to Bangor University users registered under the scheme:

Bangor University will offer to Aberystwyth University users registered under the scheme:

How to borrow

  • Prospective borrowers must be in possession of a current home University photo identification/library card
  • Patrons registering for borrowing access to partner University library via this scheme must complete an Aberystwyth and Bangor University library application form (please note, date, signature and official library stamp required to request a card).
  • The patron must present the institutional photo ID card, proof of address and a completed application form at the Enquiry / Circulation Desk of the lending library on initial registration.
  • The lending library may take a digital photo of the requesting user, will register the user for borrowing privileges and will issue an Aberystwyth/Bangor University reciprocal library access scheme borrower card.
  • The lending library will establish a specific end date for privileges, not later than the end date printed on institutional ID card if given.
  • The lending library may refuse to renew a patron's borrowing privileges if there are outstanding fines or books on the patron record.

Aberystwyth and Bangor University reciprocal library borrowing scheme memorandum of understanding