CLA Higher Education Licence – Good Practice in the Creation of Course-packs

The current CLA Higher Education Licence allows the creation of course-packs in hard copy or in the form of electronic readings held within Blackboard. These enable students to read around a subject, providing them with greater context and depth and they may consist of extracts from journals and books.   There have been some concerns expressed by publishers that some course-packs act as a disincentive for purchasing core texts despite specific limits being set within the Licence.  Universities UK and the CLA have, therefore, recently issued joint guidance on how best to work within the bounds of the licence and yet reproduce effective course readings.  Please particularly note the emphasis on identifying core texts or essential readings, and the requirement that additional course-pack reading should not cover the same ground. 

The text of the guidance can be found here:

Information Services provides a facility for arranging for the digitisation of material to go onto Blackboard or for use in Powerpoints.  Details of this service can be found here: