Copyright and e-journals

The University's CLA licence only covers the copying or scanning of material in printed form. If the material has a digital source then the use (downloading, printing, re-use) will be governed by the terms and conditions of the individual licences to which the University subscribes.  This is particularly the case with electronic journals.

The following rules generally apply: a single copy of one article per issue may be downloaded or printed from an e-journal, for personal use (non-commercial research or private study).

However, if you wish to re-use the material in any way which exceeds the above, then you should consult the ‘terms and conditions’ of that journal or publisher.  There is frequently an obvious link to a ‘terms and conditions’ page on each website, though sometimes you may need to search a little harder.

Many publishers have agreed to abide by a model licence (NESLi2) negotiated by the Joint Information Systems Committee for UK Higher Education.  This provides an example of the typical limitations on use and indicates what staff and students may do with e-journal articles: