Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

This page addresses some of the main copyright concerns and questions which arise as a result of the everyday teaching and learning activities of the University. Further details can be accessed on the accompanying pages of the Information Policies copyright section.

General FAQs

FAQs for Students

  • Do I own the copyright in my own work?
  • Am I allowed to include copyright material in my dissertation or thesis?

FAQs for Staff

  • Am I allowed to hand out ‘study-packs’ to students on a particular module?
  • Does this also apply to groups of Distance Learners?
  • Am I allowed to include newspaper articles in study packs?
  • Am I allowed to copy and distribute to my students extracts from a book/journal which I own but which is not held in the University library?
  • Am I allowed to give students library access to an unpublished work which I have created?
  • If I have written this article/book why can't I photocopy as much as I want of it?
  • If I use material as part of assessment do I still need copyright permission?


For more detailed descriptions of what you can and cannot do under the new copyright regulations, see the JISCLegal pages at: