General Recording

Whatever you are recording and for whatever purpose, you should bear in mind that there may be issues surrounding the use of copyright material (for which you may have to get permission) and also implications for data protection. 

You should ensure that you have appropriate permission to use any performances, images, music, text or other copyright works which may feature in your recording.

If individuals appear in the recording (images or vocals), or any information relating to individuals, then you also need to ensure that you have their permission.  A proforma to help with this can be found here:

Data Authorisation Form

Recording of Lectures

Increasingly, lectures are being recorded via lecture-capture facilities and made available to students. Details relating to this process can be found on Information Services webpages:

If you are a lecturer and/or responsible for organising the recording of a lecture there are a number of compliance related procedures which you will have to take into account.  Details of these, along with other lecture capture considerations can be found at:

Your lecturer or module co-ordinator will be able to provide information as to what lectures are being recorded and how to gain access to them.

Should you wish to record a lecture for any other reason, you are obliged to seek the permission of the lecturer in each case. A lecturer has the right to refuse this request in circumstances other than those outlined above.