Full Text Linking @ Aber

Full Text Linking creates direct links from a citation in a database such as Web of Science to the electronic full text of the article, conference paper or book cited (if available). At AU we use SFX from Ex Libris as our link resolver product. 

E-journals @ Aber list of AU journals

Using E-journals @ Aber


How do I link to full text?

To follow a link from a citation in a database to full text options, click on the blue @ Aber button by your chosen reference:

You will be taken to an intermediate page which will provide you with options for obtaining the full text of the citation.

Intermediate page showing options for obtaining the full text


If we have a subscription to the electronic full text of the cited article, the link to the online full text will be listed as "Electronic full text available via ..." on this page with the name of the provider (for example: Sage, JSTOR, Swetswise, etc).

Depending on the provider, a click on this full text link will either take you directly to the full text article in PDF, or to a page which gives further full text options. Sometimes the full text link will only be able to take you to the e-journal's contents page and you will then have to navigate to the required article.

If we do not have a subscription to the electronic version of your chosen article you will be presented with a link to a locally held print version of the journal, proceeding or book on Primo and a link to the National Library of Wales catalogue.

Additional options:
If we do not have a subscription to the electronic or print version of your chosen article you will be presented with other linking options, including:

  • a link to the Aberystwyth Research Portal.
  • a link to the Library's InterLibrary Loan service to order the article or book if we don't have a print or electronic subscription to that resource in our library or at the National Library of Wales.
  • Save citation information
  • Search for related information in Google Scholar
  • Find related information in a Web Search Engine


Why is there no electronic full text available?

If there is no full text link to the electronic article, this could be for the following reasons:

  • we do not have a subscription to that journal electronically at all or just for the years specified, or
  • the content provider with which we do have a subscription (such as LexisNexis Butterworths Legal and Westlaw) is not yet able to provide OpenURL linking.

If you do not get a link to electronic full text try the following options:

  • Search Primo as we may hold the journal in print format only.
  • If we do not have a print or electronic subscription, search the National Library of Wales catalogue or another academic library catalogue to find out if another library stocks the journal.
  • Get information on how to order the item through Document Supply.
  • Search for any freely available information on your reference on the Internet.


How do I use Full Text Linking with AU Electronic Information Resources:

You will find links to full text options via Full Text Linking during a search in the following databases / tools:

ResourseFull Text Linking via
BEI / ERIC @Aber
CAB Abstracts @Aber
Computer Society Digital Library (IEEE) @Aber
Computing Reviews Full Text button
Library Hub Discover @Aber
CSA (ArtBibModern, LISA and CSA science abstracts) @Aber
Dictionary of National Biography (DNB) @Aber  in References
Google Scholar -  further information on linking via Google Scholar "Electronic fulltext @Aber"
IngentaConnect @Aber on References section of a record only
Informaworld e-journals "your library's links" in References in subscribed journals only
International Bibliography of Social Sciences (IBSS) @Aber
Land, Life & Leisure @Aber
LION (Literature Online) @Aber
MathSciNet @Aber
Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (DNB) grey Find button
Project Muse  
Web of Knowledge  


How do link resolvers work?

Link resolvers use the OpenURL standard to create a static link to an article or abstract. The OpenURL provides information about the article (Journal title, ISSN, Volume, Issue, Page numbers, etc.) in a standardised format which is then sent on to a link-resolver.
The link-resolver has a 'knowledge base' that contains information about our subscribed e-journals at AU, which providers we can access them from, and which years we can access. It also knows how to construct a deep link into a large number of e-journal sites.

What e-journals are available?

E-journals that we subscribe to from the following providers are included within the Full Text Linking @ Aber service:

  • ACM
  • American Chemical Society
  • American Physiological Society
  • Annual Reviews
  • Atypon
  • Cambridge Journals Online
  • Duke University Press
  • Emerald
  • Haworth Press Inc
  • HeinOnline
  • High Wire Press
  • IEEE Computer Society
  • Informaworld
  • IngentaConnect
  • Institute of Physics
  • LexisNeixs Butterworths Legal
  • LION
  • MIT Press
  • Oxford Journals
  • Oxford Journals Archive
  • Royal Society of Chemistry
  • Sage
  • ScienceDirect Freedom Collection
  • SIAM
  • Springer
  • SwetsWise
  • University of Chicago Press
  • Westlaw
  • Wiley Interscience

How can I report a problem?

If you have problems linking to full text from a citation using Full Text Linking, please let us know so that we can investigate access. Either e-mail ejournals@aber.ac.uk or call 01970 62 1892.