Full Text Linking @ Aber with Google Scholar


Google Scholar will always provide you with links to one of the web sites which contains the material retrieved by your search. However, as electronic content is very often provided by more than one online information service, there is no guarantee that Google Scholar will automatically direct you to the appropriate web site or subscribed online academic material that you can access as a member of Aberystwyth University.

If you are using Google Scholar from an on-campus workstation, it will automatically provide Electronic fulltext@Aber links for all relevant search results.

Off-campus access

If you are accessing Google Scholar from an off-campus machine, you will need to manually select Aberystwyth University as your home institution. You should only need to do this once, because Google Scholar will set a non-expiring 'cookie' on your computer which will remember your connection to AU the next time you access the service. To set Aberystwyth University as your home institution, click on the Settings link.

 Google Scholar homepage showing the Settings link at the top of the screen

In the Library Links option of Scholar Settings, enter the search term 'AU' or 'Aberystwyth University' and then search (see illustration below):

Google Scholar Settings with aberystwyth typed into the box 

Tick the box next to Aberystwyth University, then scroll down the page and click on Save Preferences. Google Scholar will now automatically associate you with Aberystwyth University each time you use the service from this point on.

@Aber links

When Google Scholar is confident that the item is available in electronic full-text for Aberystwyth University staff and students, the Electronic fulltext @Aber link will appear next to the title of the item.

Item listing in Google Scholar showing the 'Electronic fulltext @Aber' link to the right of the listing

When Google Scholar cannot confirm that the item is available in electronic full-text, but has enough relevant information about the material, select "More" then "full text options @Aber" link. 

Item listing in Google Scholar showing the the 'more' menu

Although this indicates that the material is not available in electronic full-text, Full text options @Aber may be able to offer other relevant services: for example, links to: the Library Catalogue, to check if the material is available in print; to the National Library of Wales Catalogue; or, Document Supply service, to request a copy of the material from another library.
If full text is fully and freely available on the web, neither @Aber option will appear – click on the title link to get the fulltext.

Clicking on an @Aber link

In most online services which offer Full text linking @Aber links, the requested menu will open up as an additional pop-up window. In Google Scholar, the Full text linking @Aber menu will open as in full size in the same browser window. If you wish to return to your Google Scholar search results to request other links, click on the Back button in your browser.

Other links

As well as the @Aber links, search results in Google Scholar may include one or more other links (depending on how much information Google Scholar has retrieved about the material).

The Cited by [number] link, indicates how many other items in the Google Scholar index cite this journal article, book or other item (for example, 'Cited by 10' indicates that this item has been included in the references, bibliography or footnotes of 10 other items in the Google Scholar index). Click on the Cited by link to view a list of the items which cite this material.

To carry out a secondary search for other material in the Google Scholar index which Google has identified as similar to any particular item, click on the Related articles link.

The BL Direct link is a service provided by the British Library to pay for online and order the full text. AU staff and students wanting to request the loan of an item from another library should always use the @Aber link and select the Document Supply link to request materials that are not otherwise available at AU or the National Library of Wales.

EndNote: to download citations from Google Scholar into EndNote, click on the Scholar Settings link (to the right of the main search box), scroll down to the Bibliography Manager option , select "Show links to import citations into" and choose EndNote from the dropdown box, then click "Save" .