How can I export bibliographic records from electronic resources available at AU to EndNote?

There are three methods for transferring references from electronic resources to EndNote:

1. Exporting directly from a database

This method is available in many of the major databases and journal providers

  • Open your EndNote library
  • In the electronic resource you are using, select the records you wish to export from your list of search results by ticking the box next to each. Locate the Export (or RIS) button on the search results page. Sometimes you have to visit a Marked List to find an Export button
  • Click on the Export button which will usually provide options to Export records to EndNote, ProCite, Reference Manager and/or Export in RIS format. Select either of these and click on OK
  • If a dialogue box is displayed after exporting, requesting that you Open or Save, click Open
  • If EndNote Web is also installed on the computer you are using, you will be prompted to choose either EndNote or EndNote Web

2. Importing downloaded files

  • Display the records as text in your browser e.g. in Internet Explorer click on Page, Save As and choose the text file format in the dialogue box displayed
  • In EndNote click on File > Import and select the appropriate filter for the source before importing the text file. You may need to click on Other filters ... to find one

3. Connecting to a resource from within EndNote

This method is recommended for freely-available resources such as Primo and other online library catalogues.

  • In EndNote, in the left column under Online Search, click on more ...
  • Click on the resource you wish to search and click on Choose
  • Search in the online search pane that appears. Search results are downloaded to a group under Online Search.

If you are unable to find a successful download method for an individual electronic resource, feel free to ask for help (local support contact details are available on the left)

FYI Bibliographic references can also be added by hand to an EndNote library

  • click on Reference > New Reference
  • select the appropriate Reference Type from the menu provided
  • fill in the form then click on Reference > Close Reference