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Explore our guidance on identifying, accessing and using digital media services and collections for use in learning, teaching and research.

Copyright and permissions: ensure you comply


Citing multimedia

Ensure that you credit the source of any multimedia you use in your academic work. Use the citation style guide provided by your academic department for guidance on how to cite images, audio and video.


Find images

Visit Primo, click Databases A-Z, then from the Category menu choose Multimedia for a menu of sites with where you can search for images, some of which will be rights-cleared sites e.g. morguefile, stock.xchng

The menu also includes Creative Commons Search which aggregates a range of sites with rights-cleared content including Wikimedia Commons, Google Images and Open Clip Art Library.

A list of museum and gallery sites for discovering fine art images are available under Category in Art, in Primo Databases A-Z.

This JISC Digital Media site on Finding digital media contains a number of useful guides including Finding Images on Flickr.

Save images

Once you have found the image you want online, and are satisfied that you have met the permissions and copyright criteria required, copy the image file to your computer then insert it into the document, web page etc. See our FAQ.

It is then available to you for editing in a graphics package e.g. re-size, crop or rotate, before using. 

Film, Video, TV and Sound