Finding a book in the library

  • In the search box enter one or two key words from the title and the surname of the author

e.g. for:  What kind of Europe? by Loukas Tsoukalis

Available at indicates that the book is available to borrow i.e. it is not out on loan.

  • Note
    • the classmark: HC241.2.T8
    • the library, and floor where provided: Hugh Owen Library, Level F
  • Check that catalogue information matches yours i.e. the author, title and year of publication is correct
  • Click on Locations to see how many copies there are and in which libraries


  • Visit the library location and look at the floor plan. These are designed by classmark so you can see which area of bookshelves you need to visit.
  • Look at the stack guides on the end of each shelf. These are in classmark order. The white stack guides are for books, the orange ones are for journals.
  • When you have found the one indicating the range that includes your classmark, look along that shelf until you reach the exact classmark to find the book

If the book isn't there

  • look around where the book should be, on the shelf above and below and on the floor
  • look for the book on the return shelves and the return trolleys. (In Hugh Owen Library these are by the stairwell on level F and by the Iris De Freitas Room on Level E. You can ask for help at the Information Desk on Level F).
  • ask the Enquiry Desk whether the book has been recently returned
  • it is possible that the book is being used in the library by someone who has not booked it out. Please ask for a Lost Item form. If you complete it and return it to Library staff, they will search for the book and contact you if it is found.