Social Networking Websites

General Advice

Use of internet sites, such as MySpace, Facebook and YouTube which allow Social Networking have become extremely popular recently. Such sites allow for, and promote, online discussion, general communication and provide the ability to share information about yourself and others quickly and easily. In many respects these can be beneficial to students both in personal and academic terms.

When using such technology it is important to be aware of the risks and take steps to protect yourself and your personal information. Be careful about how much information you divulge about yourself. Posting personal information could potentially lead to unwanted attention and could even contribute to identity fraud. For your own benefit, you should not post details which you might find embarrassing later, e.g. something you would not want family members or a future employer to see.

Users frequently forget that these sites are accessible to all. If you contribute comments about an identifiable individual, you should bear in mind that anyone anywhere will be able to see what you have posted, including that individual themselves. Do not make offensive or derogatory remarks about students, members of staff or other individuals, and do not post obscene or derogatory images. The University reserves the right to take disciplinary action if appropriate and, in extreme cases, defamation can lead to legal action. You should also be aware that when you access such sites using Information Services facilities, both Information Services Rules and Regulations and the JANET Acceptable Use policy still apply.