Your Legal Career Awaits...

It is never too early to be thinking about your future career, and it is essential to remember that the best way to ensure a successful transition to a career is to make the most of your time studying with us.  Developing study skills and managing academic work whilst also getting involved in other activities is something that leads to an enjoyable university life and a sound platform for achieving a good career when you finish your degree.  Remember that employers are looking for able and involved employees.

We work with local organisations such as the police, social services, Relate, Veterans Legal Link, Aberystwyth Legal Clinic and the local Youth Offending Team to provide experience for students to work as volunteers or in other capacities in or along-side these organisations.  As opportunities arise students will be informed and provided with more information.


Tony Orme is Law and Criminology Link Careers Adviser and works closely within the School to raise student awareness of the wealth of career opportunities open to you upon graduation, the actions that will help you to position yourself and next steps in actually pursuing those options. So, wherever you may be in your career thinking, look out for the range of activities and support available throughout the academic year, see the Careers website for more activities and be sure to make the most of the specially tailored 'Professional Futures' program of events on Wednesday lunchtimes.

Aberystwyth University also offers long-term work experience opportunities to seriously boost your CV. The Year in Employment Scheme (YES) involves a paid year in employment in between your second and third years of study, a fantastic opportunity to find out more about a possible career, while earning a wage.

We have a cleverly designed 'Employability Skills for Professionals’ module, allowing our third-year students the opportunity to get workplace experience with leading and local Public and Private Sector employers as a credited module which can be taken during semester time alongside their other modules, more details available here.


What our students say about our staff.

Dr Heather Norris, Lecturer in Criminology

“Heather gave me confidence in my abilities when I thought I wasn’t worthy of being at university. After years out of education, Heather’s kind words, brilliant teaching and beautiful personality made me feel confidence in myself and inspired me to decide to become a lecturer one day. Thank you Heather Norris, you are an amazing staff member.”

 Dr Brendan Coyle, Lecturer in Criminology

“Brendan has helped provide me with a vast array of options for after university be it postgraduate study, or work and has helped me to understand what steps I need to take to reach these next steps. He has given me confidence in my ability to succeed and always finds time for a meeting to help me discuss my options and is readily available for a discussion. He goes above and beyond to help students achieve their full potential and provide the best help to prepare for life after undergraduate study.”

 Dr Olaoluwa Olusanya, Senior Lecturer in Law

“Has set up projects that not only enhance learning but have practical applications after I leave university. For example the family law clinic and Social Justice in practice module. They are delivered well and both allow students to gain knowledge and experience which are all important for employability. If you have any questions of problems Ola’s door is always open, which is good because outside of seminars he is willing to offer support to all of us.”

 Miss Jennifer Phipps, Lecturer in Criminology

“During my final year of university, the meetings I have had with Jen have been really beneficial. From the simple push I needed to ask advice from careers about what to do after graduating and the help of who and where to seek it, making me appreciate the good grades I achieved from semester 1. Her door is always open if students need support. Advice from Jen has really given me the optimism and well-needed push to achieve the best I can in my final semester of the university as well as post-graduation.”