Support for students

Supporting students within the Department of Law and Criminology is about empowerment, guiding the student to find their support mechanisms using methods of active referral.  Not only does this support them through their time here at Aberystwyth, but it educates them in supporting themselves for future life.

Within the Department, we have many forms of first line support: Personal Tutors; Departmental Welfare and Disability Officer; Postgraduate Administrator; General Office staff; Careers Officer, Law Librarian, Director of Postgraduate Studies, Head of Department, all of whom are available to talk to students and offer advice, guidance and support.  The University also has a large support network: Student Support Department; Guild of Students; Counselling Services; Student Medical Centre; Life Skills section in the Hugh Owen Library, to name but a few.

We aim to provide a first-class student experience, with friendly approachable staff, facilitating students to not only have first line support but also to learn how to support themselves, a life skill that can be taken away with them after they have graduated.


Departmental Support

Personal Tutor: each student is allocated a Personal Tutor on arrival. Personal Tutors are there to help you with any academic or personal problem that may affect your studies.

Departmental Welfare and Disability Officer: If you have Individual Needs or a Disability query, contact the Welfare and Disability Officer.

Postgraduate Administrator: The Postgraduate Administrator deals with all aspects of postgraduate provision: student study progress, attendance and research monitoring, special circumstances and individual needs requirements. If you have any question about the above areas, see the Postgraduate Administrator.

General Office staff: are friendly and responsive. They know the structure and working practices of the Department and are a good place to start with any queries.

Employability and Careers Development: The Department has a Careers Officer, who works closely with students. The University also provides an electronic PDP system (Personal Development Plan). The Department also organises careers talks and will inform you of any University careers opportunities that may arise, as well as subscribing to “Allaboutlaw” amongst many other things.

Departmental Policies

Special Circumstances Procedure: Special Circumstances are considered three times a year, prior to each exam board, by the Director of Assessment and a panel of 2 academic staff.  Special circumstances are only considered in relation to a failed module.  The remit of the Special Circumstances Panel is to award free of charge un-capped resits for postgraduate students.  The Panel is not permitted to change marks. Students must complete a Special Circumstances Form, downloadable from the link below, or available in hard copy on the Departmental Foyer, and attach to the form corroborative evidence in the form of a medical certificate, a letter from a counsellor, copy of death certificate or order of service. Special circumstances cannot generally be considered without this evidence. See link for details of procedure and form: Academic Office - Special Circumstances Procedure and Form

Individual Needs Procedure: If a student has a special need, they are asked to contact the University Student Support Services Department based in the Welcome Centre.

University Support Services

Residential Support: All AU Residences have a support network of Resident Tutors. Their role is to help you settle in and make the most of your opportunities beyond the classroom. They also assist if you come across barriers to your success and happiness. Teams in each residence provide an on-call, out-of-hours service at evenings and weekends. The details of on-call rotas are emailed to residents each week.

Nightline: Student-run independent telephone helpline and drop-in service 08.00 - 20.00 during term-time 7 days a week. The service is located below Ta Med Da in Penbryn hall of residence, behind the Porters Lodge.

Student Support: can be found in the Welcome Centre on Penglais Campus and deal with a variety of Student Support issues, including Healthcare, Child Care, International Student Advice, Disability, Financial Issues and Learner Support.  Their opening hours are Mon-Thu 9am-4.30pm, Fri 9am-4pm. Drop-in afternoons on Wednesdays from 2pm-4.30pm

Student Health Centre: has an appointment service and daily drop-in facility:

Students Union and Guild of Students: represent the student body to the University and provide a variety of welfare and recreational services:

Careers Advisory Service: offers advice on graduate jobs and work experience among many other things:

Thomas Parry Library:

Life Skills Section: This is a collection, housed in the Hugh Owen Library, designed to help with student life. It includes general self-help works on a range of topics: money, budgeting, loans, landlords, leaving home, exam stress as well as cookery, household hints and passing a driving test etc. It also includes the NHS Direct Wales 'Book Prescription Wales' booklist covering twenty of the most common psychological problems.

Effective Study Collection: The Effective Study Collection is a collection of books designed to help you study. It covers such topics as how to research and study, writing skills, academic writing, English usage, time management, communications skills and some general guides to research and study in the arts. The material is intended for all users, including those for whom English is not their first language.

Aberystwyth Support Services

Doctors: students are advised to register with one of the many doctor's surgeries in Aberystwyth, not only in case of immediate illness, but for long term support, and possible referral to local support services.

Hospital: Bronglais Hospital is located within close vicinity to the University and has a 24hr A&E department.

Counselling: there are many private counselling organisations within Aberystwyth, who can provide excellent short and long term support.

Gorwellion: a Psychiatric Unit based within Aberystwyth provides excellent support and counselling.