Love Blossoms in the Learn Welsh Classroom

Sarah a Mike

Sarah a Mike

20 April 2018

The Intensive Learn Welsh Summer Course held in Aberystwyth every August holds a very special place in the hearts of Cardiff based couple, Sarah Paul and Mark Cotter. In 2016, they both attended this ground-breaking course, which immerses students in the Welsh language from dawn to dusk, encouraging the use of the language both in the classroom and socially.  Mark attended the course for the entire 4 weeks and Sarah joined his class during the fourth week.  Both were born and bred in Cardiff, but had never previously met. 

Romance didn’t blossom during the week, but they exchanged contact details and arranged to meet back Cardiff to practise their Welsh over coffee.  Following several months their friendship developed into romance and Mark proposed to Sarah outside DT’s boathouse in Laugharne on New Year’s Day 2018. They plan to marry in December of this year in Brecon. 

Both Sarah and Mark had learnt some Welsh in school, but had lost some knowledge and confidence over the years.  They had both attended weekly Learn Welsh classes (in Aberystwyth and in London) and Aberystwyth University’s Cwrs Haf Dwys had boosted their journey to fluency by giving them the chance to practise Welsh inside and outside the classroom, and helped them to find love on the way! 

Sarah said “Mark and I love being able to speak Welsh together, it’s the language that brought us together!  We are excited about our wedding and future together – speaking Welsh of course!“

Siôn Meredith, Director of Learn Welsh Ceredigion Powys & Carmarthenshrie one of the providers of the National Centre for Learning Welsh, said: “There are lots of reasons why people learn Welsh – we can’t guarantee that you will find love in our Learn Welsh classes, but you will find excellent teaching and support on your journey to become fluent.”

Our 2018 Summer Course runs from 30 July to 24 August for 4 weeks.  It’s suitable for learners at all levels and you can study for 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks with accommodation available.   To find out more go to or  contact us on 0800 876 6975 or