2018 Intensive Learn Welsh Course a huge success

Cwrs Haf Dwys 2018 Group Photo

Cwrs Haf Dwys 2018 Group Photo

27 September 2018

This year 107 people from 13 different countries travelled to Aberystwyth to learn Welsh on the 2018 Intensive Learn Welsh Summer Course. There were all six levels of classes including a Professional Welsh class.

The course takes place over four weeks in August, with the option of studying for one, two, three or four weeks. It requires great commitment to attend lessons between 9 and 5 every day. Yet one of the features that make the Summer Course just as popular as ever, is that the lessons are not only effective but enjoyable for students, led by a talented team of tutors.

Fun and interesting activities had been arranged for students to enjoy using their Welsh, socially during the evenings and at weekends. For example, there were walks to Cantre'r Gwaelod beach and to Bwlch Nant yr Arian, and delicious meals in local restaurants to follow. An art evening was held as part of the 'Creu-ar-Cyd' national project with local artist Kim James-Williams. One of the highlights of the course was Noson Lawen with Côr Cyd Aberystwyth and tutor, Ioan Guile staring in the hilarious tutors' sketches! One of the best aspects of the course for learners is the opportunity on Wednesday afternoons to chat to fluent Welsh speakers. Many thanks to over 40 who gave their time this year

The course was supported by Aberystwyth Mayor and Mayoress, the National Librarian and Kate Sullivan, a local vet who talked about their experience of learning Welsh.

After a presentation by Elgan Davies in the Old College, students caught the little train for a meal at the Consti Café, and the town's lights seemed to be sparkling as if they reflected the excitement that many felt to realize their dream of communicating in Welsh by the end of the course.

According to Felicity Roberts, Intensive Summer Course Co-ordinator "this is a pearl of a course, boosting the local economy and stepping forward to the Welsh Government's goal of reaching the million speakers"