Hinterland inspires course for Welsh learners

18 January 2017

This week a Welsh class studied a special Y Gwyll/Hinterland based lesson designed by the National Centre for Learning Welsh. This lesson, for Advanced Level learners, coincides with the third series of the popular TV detective drama. Its aim is to inspire learners to learn new vocabulary whilst enjoying the series.

The class is held each week at the Hafod Hotel, Devil's Bridge. According to Bryn Howell-Pryce, who studies in the class, “It's been amazing studying this lesson in a location which is so prominent in the programme. It's good to learn new words in relation to the series – we even tried to write a detective story inspired by the Hafod Hotel.” Bryn's classmates also enjoyed playing the 'Gwyll Game' which is part of the lesson. 

Welsh learners who have reached this Advanced Level are fluent in speaking and understanding Welsh.