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Tutorial Module - Study Skills For The Che: Art & Design
Em 0.33 (Elystan Morgan, Llanbadarn Campus)
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Forster, June(Dr)
£110.00 / Concessions: £100.00 / Fee Waiver Fee: £0.00


The module will be delivered using the following programme 6 sessions at 3 hours, in teaching slots taught over 8 months, plus a final Assessment/Feedback session, numbers permitting. For the first session, participants will be asked to bring along a folio of two works which they feel have been successful and two works that have not been successful. This work will be analysed through positive and constructive feedback, and will allow the tutor to establish, in agreement with the individual, a course of study for the duration of the module.
Session One
Getting to know you and your work. General overview and ethos of the Tutorial module and setting the parameters for a mutually secure learning environment. What is a ‘critique’? How can you capitalize on what you are good at? Tailoring your portfolio of courses for potential progression to degree schemes. We will be looking at the work you will have brought along from previous courses as requested in the introductory letter and establishing an individual project/study scheme for each participant.
Home study: Write a small paragraph about the way you would like your artwork and process to progress in the light of tutor’s suggestions for a project or scheme of work. Begin practical work and write any relevant notes in your visual diary.

Session Two
Review of exercises from session 1. Visiting an exhibition: Getting the most from an exhibition in terms of your learning; the artwork and ‘the hang’, observing labels and statements. What is an artist’s statement? What is an exhibition statement? Group/Individual tutorials through group discussion.
Home study: Complete exercises on artist statements. Continue with own artwork project as set by tutor in session 1. Visit exhibition/s and write up notes in visual diary on your impressions of the artwork/hang/labels and statement.

Session 3
Reviewing writing styles and artists’ statements – does the statement enhance the artwork or detract from it? Time management – investigative techniques through mini-projects to accelerate learning. Group discussion/tutorial of artwork.
Home study: Completion of exercises for next session (Devising a mini-project). Finalize artist statement. Development of personal project and review of work in visual diary. Write up any exhibition visits.

Session 4
Review of completed homework exercises. Establishing a web presence – the positives and negatives. Group tutorial/discussion of individual’s artwork since last session.
Home study: Development of personal project: studies/review of work. Making a catalogue – handout on compiling a mini-catalogue of digital images and text from visual diary/other sources.

Session 5
What are tutors looking for when they assess your reflective learning? Review of exhibition label styles and formats. Tutorials and group discussion on the progress of artwork, looking at resolution of artwork – techniques to help.
Home study: Development of personal project. Making labels.

Session 6
Review labels from home study exercise. Support systems for artists – how do I find supportive criticism once I have left studying? Commissions – pitfalls and how to avoid them. Group discussion: students to present to group using PowerPoint or equivalent, a selection of no more than 4 artworks, detailing how these progressed to resolution. Ongoing critique to assist development of artwork.
Home study: Resolve any final pieces. Finalize labels, catalogue entries, or complete catalogue for the final assessment session. Complete Visual Diary.

Session 7 - 2 hours
Assessment and feedback.


This module is at CQFW Level 4

Brochure Text

Students who register on the Art and Design Certificate are required to enrol on a tutorial module to complement the other classes they attend throughout the year. Through tutorials, students will develop study and presentational skills and discuss common issues facing all art practitioners such as mechanisms for developing a systematic and self-critical approach to problem solving, time management and preparing for exhibitions. The classes provide a relatively informal situation in which discussions can take place. Tutorial classes run monthly, throughout the first and second terms. This module is only available to students enrolled on one or more of the core modules. The course will culminate with a portfolio of independent work suitable to approach other providers of the students chosen degree course.

Please see the following webpage for further essential information:


This module is at CQFW Level 4

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