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Course NameVenueTownWeekdayTimeStart DateEnd DateTutor
Forensics - An Introduction [AA201E]Penbryn 5 (1.64 English) AberystwythWed 1.00pm 07-02-2018 28-02-2018Connaire, Lisa(Miss)
Animal Diversity [AA203E]Llanbadarn Campus Elystan Morgan Building Room 1.12 AberystwythFri-Sun 10.00am 02-03-2018 04-03-2018Connaire, Lisa(Miss)
Macro Photography For Ecologists [AA204E]Mp-3.02 AberystwythSat 9.00am 03-03-2018 17-03-2018Tune, Simon(Mr)
Town And Country [AA205E]Penbryn 5 (0.62 History) AberystwythTuesday 10.00am 06-03-2018 27-03-2018Crossley, Andrew(Mr)
Wildlife Digital Photography [AA300E]Penglais, Hugh Owen A9 AberystwythSat 9.00am 09-06-2018 23-06-2018Tune, Simon(Mr)
Geology - An Introduction [AA301E]Penbryn 5 (0.62 History) AberystwythTuesday 6pm 24-04-2018 22-05-2018Thomas, Barry A(Prof)
Ferns And Fern Allies: Identification, Evolution And Their Role In Victorian Life [AA302E]Penglais, Hugh Owen A9 AberystwythTues-Thurs 10.00am 26-06-2018 28-06-2018Thomas, Barry A(Prof)
Field And Conservation Ecology Project [AA303E]University AberystwythWednesday 25-04-2018 30-06-2018To Be Arranged,
Principles Of Habitat Restoration And Creation [AB100V]Denmark Farm LampeterFriday 09.30AM 10-08-2018 12-08-2018Polkey, Angela(Dr)
Ecology 1 [AB101V]Denmark Farm LampeterFriday 10.00AM 14-09-2018 16-09-2018Watson-Jones, Sarah(Dr)
Pond And Stream Invertebrate Life [AB102V]Denmark Farm LampeterFriday 10.00AM 21-09-2018 23-09-2018Ward, Philip A(Mr)
Introduction To Forest Gardening [AB110V]Denmark Farm LampeterSat-Sun 09.30AM 06-10-2018 07-10-2018Polkey, Angela(Dr)
A Guide To Environmental Impact Assessment [AB200E]Denmark Farm LampeterFriday 10.00AM 16-03-2018 18-03-2018Symmons, Jacqueline E(Dr)
Understanding Reptiles [AB300E]Youth Hostel BorthFri-Sun 10.00am 27-04-2018 29-04-2018Barber, Mark D(Mr)
Understanding British Mammals 1: Gnawers, Nibblers And Insect Crunchers [AB301E]Denmark Farm LampeterFri-Sun 10.00am 11-05-2018 13-05-2018Lewns, Penelope A(Mrs)
Bird Identification: An Introduction [AB302E]Denmark Farm LampeterFri-Sun 10.00am 18-05-2018 20-05-2018Anning, David(Mr)
Plant Diversity [AB303E]Denmark Farm LampeterFri-Sun 10.00am 15-06-2018 17-06-2018Watson-Jones, Sarah(Dr)
Identifying Flowering Plants [AB304E]Denmark Farm LampeterFri-Sun 10.00am 06-07-2018 08-07-2018Howells, Margaret(Mrs)
Identifying Grasses, Sedges And Rushes [AB305E]Denmark Farm LampeterMon-Wed 10.00am 09-07-2018 11-07-2018Howells, Margaret(Mrs)
Ecology 1 [AB307E]Denmark Farm LampeterFriday 10.00AM 25-05-2018 27-05-2018Watson-Jones, Sarah(Dr)
Dragonflies [AD300E]National Trust Centre StackpoleFri-Sun 10.00am 13-07-2018 15-07-2018Ward, Philip A(Mr)
Botany For Gardening [AF100V]Centre For Alt Technology MachynllethSaturday 10.00AM 15-09-2018 16-09-2018Maxwell, Emma L(Ms)
Permaculture Design Course 1 (An Introduction) [AF200E]Centre For Alt Technology MachynllethFri-Sun 9.30am 23-02-2018 25-02-2018Polkey, Angela(Dr)
Growing Fruit [AF201E]Centre For Alt Technology MachynllethSat-Sun 10.00am 24-03-2018 25-03-2018Maxwell, Emma L(Ms)
Amphibians In The Environment - A Holisitic View Of Their Place In Nature [AF203E]Llysdinam Field Centre Llandrindod WellsSat-Sun 10.00AM 17-03-2018 18-03-2018Slater, Fred(Dr)
Bird Identification: An Introduction [AF300E]Centre For Alt Technology MachynllethFri-Sun 10.00am 27-04-2018 29-04-2018Anning, David(Mr)
Entomology: The Larger Insects Of Wales [AF301E]Centre For Alt Technology MachynllethFri-Sun 10.00am 22-06-2018 24-06-2018Ward, Philip A(Mr)
Wildlife Gardening [AF303E]Centre For Alt Technology MachynllethFri-Sun 9.30am 13-07-2018 15-07-2018Polkey, Angela(Dr)
Identifying Flowering Plants [AF304E]Centre For Alt Technology MachynllethFri-Sun 10.00am 20-07-2018 22-07-2018Howells, Margaret(Mrs)
Identifying Grasses, Sedges And Rushes [AF305E]Centre For Alt Technology MachynllethMon-Wed 10.00am 23-07-2018 25-07-2018Howells, Margaret(Mrs)
Understanding British Mammals 2 : Predators And Hunters [AF306E]Pwlperian Upland Research Platform AberystwythFri-Sun 10.00am 15-06-2018 17-06-2018Lewns, Penelope A(Mrs)
Museum And Gallery Education And Interpretation [CA108]Art Studio, Pantycelyn Building AberystwythWednesday 2.00pm 11-10-2017 21-03-2018Pierse, Alison(Mrs)
The Study Of Art And Art History (Distance Learning) [CA111]University Aberystwyth 02-10-2017 13-04-2018Jeynes, Jacqueline(Dr)
Colour Choices [CA200]Art Studio, Pantycelyn Building AberystwythSaturday 1.00pm 27-01-2018 24-03-2018Webster, Paul(Mr)
Plant Portraits [CA201]Art Studio, Pantycelyn Building AberystwythThursday 5.00PM 08-02-2018 22-03-2018Shepherd, Tereska(Ms)
Art In Wales: The Welsh Depicted (Distance Learning) [CA204]University Aberystwyth 02-02-2018 29-06-2018Jeynes, Jacqueline(Dr)
Natural History Illustration: Birds & Mammals [CA206]1.01 Edward Llwyd, Aberystwyth University AberystwythWednesday 12.30PM 31-01-2018 21-03-2018Shepherd, Tereska(Ms)
Sketchbook Studies [CA208]Art Studio, Pantycelyn Building AberystwythTuesday 10.00AM 13-02-2018 15-05-2018Pierse, Alison(Mrs)
Colour Choices [CA209]Computer Room Pantycelyn AberystwythFriday 1.00PM 09-02-2018 11-05-2018Webster, Paul(Mr)
Forms From Nature [CA300]Arts Centre AberystwythWednesday 10.00am 09-05-2018 20-06-2018Taris, Angharad(Ms)
In And Out Of The Studio [CA301]Art Studio, Pantycelyn Building AberystwythWednesday 1.30PM 20-06-2018 18-07-2018Shepherd, Tereska(Ms)
Introduction To Printmaking [CA302]School Of Art AberystwythTues-Fri 10.00am 10-04-2018 13-04-2018Macklin, Judy(Ms)
Drawing With Scissors: Collage [CA303]School Of Art AberystwythTuesday 10.00am 12-06-2018 15-06-2018Macklin, Judy(Ms)
Cover To Cover - Altered Books [CA304]Art Studio, Pantycelyn Building AberystwythThursday 10.00 28-06-2018 12-07-2018Mckay, Lynne J(Miss)
Textile Techniques: Indigo, Dyeing And Felting [CA305]Art Studio, Pantycelyn Building AberystwythThur-Fri 10.00AM 24-05-2018 22-06-2018Mckay, Lynne J(Miss)
Drawing With Scissors: Collage [CB201]Small World Theatre CardiganWednesday 10.00am 07-02-2018 14-03-2018Taris, Angharad(Ms)
Basic Sewing Machine Skills [CB202]Small World Theatre CardiganWed-Thur 10.00am 21-03-2018 22-03-2018Mckay, Lynne J(Miss)
Imaging The Landscape: Pastels [CB301]Over The Rainbow TanygroesWednesday 10.00am 13-06-2018 11-07-2018Taris, Angharad(Ms)
Towards Abstraction [CB302]Small World Theatre CardiganWednesday 10.00am 11-04-2018 02-05-2018Taris, Angharad(Ms)
Basic Sewing Machine Skills [CB303]Lisburne Hall LlanafanMonday 5.30pm 21-05-2018 18-06-2018Mckay, Lynne J(Miss)
Up-Cycled Clothing [CD300]Bloomfield Centre NarberthFriday 10.00AM 13-04-2018 28-04-2018Mckay, Lynne J(Miss)
Introduction To Printmaking [CF200]Llangasty Village Hall BreconWednesday 2.00pm 24-01-2018 21-03-2018Gibson, Veronica M(Ms)
Portraiture In Oils [CF201]The Old Museum Muse BreconMonday 2.00pm 29-01-2018 26-03-2018Gibson, Veronica M(Ms)
Further Up-Cycled Clothing And Pattern Making [CF203]Unit K, Old Station, Llanidloes LlanidloesMonday 10.00am 05-02-2018 10-03-2018Rolfe, Jill(Ms)
Intriguing Insects: Natural History Illustration [CF204]Tabernacl MachynllethThursday 10.00am 15-02-2018 15-03-2018Shepherd, Tereska(Ms)
Sketchbook Studies [CF205]Oriel Davies Gallery NewtownTuesday 10.00am 06-02-2018 20-03-2018Shepherd, Tereska(Ms)
Natural History Illustration: Shells [CF206]Willow Gallery OswestrySaturday 10.00am 10-02-2018 10-03-2018Shepherd, Tereska(Ms)
Painting Gardens In Mixed Media [CF207]Willow Gallery OswestryMonday 10.00am 12-02-2018 09-07-2018Shepherd, Tereska(Ms)
Imaging The Landscape: Pastels [CF300]Llangasty Village Hall BreconWednesday 2.00pm 18-04-2018 30-05-2018Gibson, Veronica M(Ms)
Figure To Landscape: The Interplay Of Form [CF301]Gliffaes Country House Hotel CrickhowellMonday 2.00pm 23-04-2018 04-06-2018Gibson, Veronica M(Ms)
The Still Life [CS200]English Bridge Workshop ShrewsburyFriday 10.00am 02-03-2018 04-05-2018Webster, Paul(Mr)
In And Out Of The Studio [CS300]English Bridge Workshop ShrewsburyFriday 10.00AM 18-05-2018 08-06-2018Webster, Paul(Mr)
Scriptwriting 2 [HA204W]Penbryn 5 (0.62 History) AberystwythThursday 6pm 01-02-2018 22-03-2018Bendelow, Sandra(Ms)
From Acorn To Oak: Building A Family Tree Part Ii ( Formerly Using Historical Records Part I) [HA207H]Penglais P5 0.61 It Room AberystwythWednesday 6.00PM 31-01-2018 21-03-2018Williams, Calista(Miss)
From Acorn To Oak: Building A Family Tree (Formerly Tracing Your Ancestors) [HA208H]Penglais P5 0.61 It Room AberystwythFriday 6.00PM 02-02-2018 23-03-2018Williams, Calista(Miss)
Writing Freelance Features [HA300W]Penbryn 5 (1.61 Welsh & Drama) AberystwythTuesday 09.40am 17-04-2018 22-05-2018Tremlett, Henrietta(Miss)
Words That Run With Wolves 1: Illustrating And Writing Creatively For Children [HA301W]University AberystwythTuesday 1.00pm 17-04-2018 22-05-2018Tremlett, Henrietta(Miss)
Scriptwriting 3 [HA302W]Penbryn 5 (0.62 History) AberystwythThursday 6pm 19-04-2018 07-06-2018Bendelow, Sandra(Ms)
Women Writing: Literature & The Second Wave Of Feminism [HA303W]Penbryn 5 (0.62 History) AberystwythMonday 6.00pm 23-04-2018 25-06-2018Head, Beth(Miss)
Philiosophy Of The Mind [HA304W]Penbryn 5 (0.62 History) AberystwythSaturday 10.00am 05-05-2018 02-06-2018Wright, Stephen(Mr)
Creative Non-Fiction [HA306W]Old College - Languages Room AberystwythFriday 10am 13-04-2018 04-05-2018Jones, Liz(Dr)
An Introduction To Family History Sources At The National Library Of Wales [HA307H]National Library Of Wales AberystwythThur-Fri 10.30AM 14-06-2018 15-06-2018Mathias, Julie D(Dr)
From Acorn To Oak: Building A Family Tree (Formerly Tracing Your Ancestors) [HA308H]University AberystwythWednesday 6.00PM 25-04-2018 13-06-2018Williams, Calista(Miss)
From Acorn To Oak: Building A Family Tree Part Ii ( Formerly Using Historical Records Part I) [HA309H]University AberystwythFriday 6.00PM 20-04-2018 08-06-2018Williams, Calista(Miss)
Writing As A Creative Process: Text And Theory [HF300W]Wyeside Arts Centre Builth WellsThursday 10.30am 12-04-2018 14-06-2018Clough, Lara(Mrs)
Poetry Writing 2 [HF301W]Oriel Davies Gallery NewtownWednesday 10.15am 11-04-2018 13-06-2018Clough, Lara(Mrs)
Creative Non-Fiction [HF302W]Centre For Alt Technology MachynllethSat-Sun 10am 02-06-2018 03-06-2018Pendry, Helen(Dr)
Poetry Writing 1 [HF303W]Resource & Information Centre CrickhowellFriday 10.15am 13-04-2018 15-06-2018Clough, Lara(Mrs)
Writing As A Creative Process: Text And Theory [HF304W]Cemmaes Village Hall CemmaesWednesday 6.30PM 23-05-2018 11-07-2018Tremlett, Henrietta(Miss)
Outlaws In Medieval England And Wales [HJ200H]Library Colwyn BayWednesday 1.30pm 17-01-2018 28-03-2018Rossini, Gill(Ms)
Riots And Rebellions In Wales: A History [HJ300H]Library Colwyn BayWednesday 1.30pm 18-04-2018 27-06-2018Rossini, Gill(Ms)
Riots And Rebellions In Wales: A History [HL200H]Library FlintWednesday 5.00pm 10-01-2018 21-03-2018Rossini, Gill(Ms)
The Cistercians: An Introduction [HL300H]Library FlintWednesday 5.00pm 18-04-2018 27-06-2018Rossini, Gill(Ms)
Chinese Advanced 1 [KA100C]Penbryn 5 (1.61 Welsh & Drama) AberystwythThursday 6.00pm 05-10-2017 26-04-2018Lu, Su C(Miss)
Chinese Intermediate [KA104C]Penbryn 5 (1.61 Welsh & Drama) AberystwythWednesday 2.00pm 04-10-2017 25-04-2018Lu, Su C(Miss)
French Intermediate [KA109F]Penglais, Hugh Owen B21a AberystwythTuesday 6.00pm 03-10-2017 24-04-2018Aitchison, Patricia(Mrs)
Japanese Intermediate [KA121J]Penglais, Hugh Owen B21b AberystwythTuesday 6.00pm 03-10-2017 17-04-2018Oikawa, Kaori(Ms)
Spanish Higher Intermediate [KA130S]Penglais, Hugh Owen C48 AberystwythThursday 6.00pm 05-10-2017 26-04-2018Garcia-Lisbona, Nieves(Dr)
Chinese Beginners 2 [KA201C]Old College - Welsh Room AberystwythMonday 6.00pm 29-01-2018 23-04-2018Lu, Su C(Miss)
French Beginners 1 [KA202F]Penbryn 5 (0.63 Geography) AberystwythWednesday 6.00pm 31-01-2018 25-04-2018Kirk, Danielle(Miss)
Chinese Improvers 2 [KA203C]Penglais (Hugh Owen C6) AberystwythWednesday 6.00pm 31-01-2018 25-04-2018Lu, Su C(Miss)
Italian Beginners 1 [KA205I]Penglais, Hugh Owen C48 AberystwythWednesday 3.00pm 31-01-2018 21-03-2018Lardieri, Daniela(Miss)
French Beginners 2 [KA206F]Penglais, Hugh Owen C48 AberystwythMonday 6.00pm 29-01-2018 23-04-2018Kirk, Danielle(Miss)
Japanese Beginners 1 [KA207J]Old College - Welsh Room AberystwythThursday 3.00pm 01-02-2018 19-04-2018Oikawa, Kaori(Ms)
Buntes Kaleidoskop Fur Redekunstler 1 Extra [KA212D]Hugh Owen C43 AberystwythMonday 6.00PM 29-01-2018 23-04-2018Owen, Inge(Ms)
German Improvers 2 [KA213D]Penbryn 5 (0.63 Geography) AberystwythThursday 6.00pm 01-02-2018 26-04-2018Singer, Rita C(Dr)
Italian Beginners 2 [KA215I]Penglais, Hugh Owen B21b AberystwythWednesday 6.00pm 31-01-2018 21-03-2018Lardieri, Daniela(Miss)
Italian Improvers 2 [KA216I]Penglais (Hugh Owen C6) AberystwythMonday 6.00pm 29-01-2018 23-04-2018Lardieri, Daniela(Miss)
Japanese Beginners 2 [KA218J]Penglais, Hugh Owen B21a AberystwythWednesday 6.00pm 31-01-2018 18-04-2018Oikawa, Kaori(Ms)
Japanese Beginners 2 [KA219J]Hugh Owen D54 AberystwythWednesday 3.00PM 31-01-2018 18-04-2018Oikawa, Kaori(Ms)
Japanese Improvers 2 [KA220J]Penglais, Hugh Owen B21a AberystwythMonday 6.00pm 29-01-2018 16-04-2018Oikawa, Kaori(Ms)
Japanese Improvers 1 [KA221J]Old College - Languages Room AberystwythMonday 3.00PM 29-01-2018 16-04-2018Oikawa, Kaori(Ms)
Spanish Beginners 1 [KA226S]Penbryn 5 (1.62) AberystwythTue-Thus 6.00pm 30-01-2018 01-03-2018Barriga Rubio, Antonio(Mr)
Spanish Beginners 2 [KA227S]Penglais, Hugh Owen A9 AberystwythTue-Thur 6.00pm 06-03-2018 26-04-2018Barriga Rubio, Antonio(Mr)
Spanish Beginners 2 [KA228S]Penglais, Hugh Owen C165 AberystwythMonday 6.00pm 29-01-2018 23-04-2018Barriga Rubio, Antonio(Mr)
Understanding Addiction [SA201P]Elystan Morgan Building Room 1.13 AberystwythThursday 10.00AM 01-03-2018 08-03-2018Buchanan, Meryl(Mrs)
Forensic Psychology [SA203P]University Penglais Hugh Owen A14 AberystwythThursday 6.00PM 01-02-2018 22-03-2018Craine, Steve(Dr)
Stress Management [SA300P]University AberystwythThursday 10.00AM 05-07-2018 12-07-2018Buchanan, Meryl(Mrs)
Exploring Mental Health [SA301P]University AberystwythThursday 10.00AM 17-05-2018 24-05-2018Buchanan, Meryl(Mrs)

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