Forensics - An Introduction

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Module Code: XS17710

Class Code: AA200E

Venue: Penglais, Hugh Owen A9

Town: Aberystwyth

Day: Wednesday

Start Time: 1pm

End Time: 6pm

Start Date: 12-02-2020

End Date: 04-03-2020

Tutor: Connaire, Lisa(Miss)

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Full Fee: £120.00
Concessions: £110.00
Fee Waiver Fee: £10.00

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Forensic science is always in the news, films and documentaries on criminal investigations have made forensics a very popular topic for study. This introduction to forensics gives an overview of the applied science behind many forensic disciplines and techniques that will be explained and discussed during both theoretical and practical sessions. Topics covered will focus on crime scene examination, how forensic evidence is collected and its potential value in a court of law. We will look at trace evidence, fingerprints, footwear, DNA, hair, blood pattern analysis and fire investigation.

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This module is at CQFW Level 4