Creative Watercolour

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Module Code: XA01005

Class Code: CF300

Delivery: Online

Day: Thursday

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Start Date: 21-05-2020

End Date: 09-07-2020

Tutor: Pierse, Alison(Mrs)

Full Fee: £60.00
Concessions: £55.00
Fee Waiver Fee: £0.00

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This short 5 credit course allows you to dip your toes in and be creative with waterolour. You will be encouraged to ‘have a go ‘ and ‘let go’- that is when the magic happens. We will look at artists such as JMW Turner and contemporary and Sandra Blow.
Emphasis will be on technique of wet on wet rather than drawing skills.

Please see the following webpage for further essential information:

The course will start with a taster session of one hour.
With a further 3 sessions of 3 hours.
Taster session
Getting to know your materials. Experiencing watercolour brushes and the absorbency of high quality watercolour paper.
Home study: to purchase basic materials and experiment
Session Two:
Paint like Turner: I wish I could. It looks so easy doesnt it?
The qualities of working wet-on-wet and wet on to dry. Source material will be abstracted still life of shapes.
Home study:
Look at sunsets and create your own using wet-on-wet techniques
Session Three

Looking at the work of Sandra Blow and watercolour inks.
Staining pigments and how to work with these quirks.
Home study: Reading ad researching contemporary watercolour artists from the Royal Watercolour Society web site. Choose a random pattern or mango print and ‘Go Large’. This will be assessed.
Session Four:
The Aurora Borealis: creating night scenes with dense pigments Showing fluidity of brushwork.


This module is at CQFW Level 3