Henni Tremlett

With 20 years’ experience in teaching creative writing to adults and children, her particular specialisms are in freelance writing on the topics of storytelling and rural family life and in writing creatively for children of all ages. She wrote the two modules Words that Run with Wolves 1 and 2 that guide adults in their writing for children.

‌In 2013 Henni was awarded our lifelong learning tutor of the year award. Henni has written and illustrated several books and stories for children published in Britain and Eastern Europe.

Henni is passionate about literature for children and the art of storytelling for all ages, believing in the power of stories to heal, as well as to communicate, instruct and entertain.

She really enjoys teaching adults and loves hearing their stories and seeing them gain confidence in expressing themselves through words. Her motto is 'Every one of my students teaches me so much!'