Modern Languages: Certificate of Higher Education

Assessments and Accreditation

The assignments are part of the Certificate of Higher Education: Modern Languages. Your learning process and your development is monitored by your tutor, giving you the opportunity to improve in all areas and also giving your tutor a clear understanding of your progression. We understand assignments, not as a threatening element, but as an important part of the quality of your learning. We believe that you can learn more and appreciate better what you do. This means that the work produced by you is continually assessed, and assignments won’t be separated from your learning experience. The assignments have been specially design to cater for Adult Learning, with a very friendly approach as they are integrated in the class, and we will adapt to your timetable accordingly. They can be done in class or at home. You will notice that all of the language modules are given a number of credits. The number of credits is 10 for all the Beginners modules and 20 for all other language modules. These credits will be awarded to you at the end of each module, provided that you have completed the appropriate assessment activities. These assessment activities will be focussing on the following skills: Writing, Reading, Listening and Speaking. These credits will be banked in order to obtain a University recognized qualification. This qualification is the Certificate of Higher Education: Modern Languages.

The Certificate of Higher Education

from Aberystwyth University can be awarded to students completing 120 credits (2 modules must be at Advanced level) on any language or languages provided by our School.

If you are an undergraduate or postgraduate student, our courses in Modern Languages cannot be part of your degree. All our courses in Languages need to be taken aside your degree

When you take a course with us, you are automatically enrolled into the Certificate in Higher Education: Modern Languages. You can join our Certificate at any level.

The Certificate in Higher Education: Modern Languages comprises 120 credits, of which 40 must be taken from the Advanced modules, and on the same language. The remaining 80 credits could be selected from any of the other courses, and from any of the languages in the programme.

Beginners Intermediate Advanced
From complete beginners to Basic GCSE
(10 Credits)
From Basic GCSE to Basic A Level
(20 credits) 
 Post A level
(20 credits)
Beginners 1
Beginners 2
Improvers 1
Improvers 2 
Higher Intermediate
Advanced 1
Advanced 2

Other Advanced courses in some languages. All these courses are 20 credits.

Itinéraires culturels et littéraires I
Itinéraires culturels et littéraires II
La France Profonde I
La France Profonde II
Buntes Kaleidoskop für Redekünstler I
Buntes Kaleidoskop für Redekünstler  II
German Cinema
Russian Studies for Advanced Students I
Russian Studies for Advanced Students II
Cultura Hispánica I
Cultura Hispánica II