Culture and Language Modules: French

France Profonde 1 and 2

If you wish to extend and refine their linguistic awareness at doing oral, aural and writing tasks, with an emphasis on natural idiomatic communication, this is your course. You will improve your knowledge about France and the Francophonie in the fields of language and culture by studying aspects of topical events, literature, cinema, history, geography, economy and politics. Exploring web-based resources will constitute part of the class activities, together with opportunities to interact with French students currently studying at Aberystwyth University.

They are 20 weeks each.

Itinéraires culturels et littéraires 1 and 2

You will join these modules if you have a sufficiently high level of French accuracy in writing, reading, speaking and listening.

You will deal with extended linguistic skills tackling cultural issues through the use of authentic material, literary texts, paintings, films and songs. You will be able to have a better knowledge of French culture and history (history, geography, literature, cultural studies), translate into French from English, gain vocabulary and expressions to be used in a variety of writing and speaking contexts and use authentic materials freely,from theatre plays to political magazines.

They are 20 weeks each.