Student-Staff Committee’s membership

To be a student member in the Staff-Student Committee in Lifelong Learning,  the candidate must comply with the following requisites:

  1. To be registered in any of the Schemes offered in Lifelong Learning (in the current academic year)
  2. To be a representative of any subject areas running in Lifelong Learning.
  3. If any subject area is withdrawn for more than a year, the members from that subject area will step down.
  4. If new subject areas are created in Lifelong Learning a member from that/ those subject area/ s will be elected.
  5. Members of the SSC should serve on the Committee for a maximum of 3 years, ensuring that this is a staggered procedure.
  6. New members should be suggested to the Committee or by default to the Chair of the Committee for acceptance as Committee member.
  7. It should be 2 members per subject area.