Policy for extension to study scheme. 2013

Extensions for completion of Higher Education study schemes in LLL prior to 2013.

In the past, our procedures for students requiring an extension of study for their Certificate of Higher Education scheme and not specific modules was instigated by letter from the student to the coordinator stating their case. This was presented at the exam board meeting; this inconvenienced many students  as they had to wait for an answer of many months.

To speed things up and cause less stress for our students:-

The new policy is:

That all Coordinators assess the  individual case, speak with students  and  agree an extension of one year only which may be revised again after the year has ended.

The request is logged on a spread sheet with a date and each Coordinator presents the log at the internal exam board as a matter of course. A log of the  date is important so that the students do not keep asking year on year for an extension. The Coordinator can ask for evidence and keeps this evidence with the log.