Staff-Student Committee

The Student-Staff Committee of Lifelong Learning provides a formal channel of communication between students and the Lifelong Learning department, and it is an essential part of it. Students from the different subject areas are represented in this Committee.

  • Art & Design
  • Professional Development
  • Literature and Creative Writing
  • History, Genealogy and Archaeology
  • Ecology
  • Mathematics
  • Modern Languages
  • Photography
  • Psychology

The Student-Staff Committee of Lifelong Learning provides an important forum for staff and students to discuss any problems and issues that may arise. Although the Committee does not have formal policy-making powers, its advisory role is taken very seriously by Lifelong Learning, and the participation of all the students is positively encouraged.

The purpose of the Student-Staff Committee of Lifelong Learning is to discuss the content and organization of academic programmes, the organisation of programmes, timetabling issues, resources, communications and social events. In addition, it considers issues raised by students of Lifelong Learning related to all aspects of the students’ experiences.

If you have a point to make, and you want to be heard, make contact with one of your student representatives.

No matter if the issue seems small, or if it is good (or bad); talking to your student representative is a way of making yourself heard.



Candy Devina Bedworth 

Art & Design

Michael Amphlett

Art & Design

Lee Jones

Art & Design

 Nina Kelly





Alison Pierse    

Art and Design & Professional Development


Calista Williams

Science & Humanities


Connie Davage 

Aberystwyth University Library 


Antonio Barriga Rubio



Joanne Hiatt 

Careers Service  


The Student Representatives make every effort to gather feedback from their fellow students. To facilitate communication we have the following email: