Staff and Student Awards for Mathematics

08 April 2019

Two Mathematics students won their category at the Aberystwyth Students’ Union Staff and Student Awards 2020.

Joint History and Mathematics student Daphne Pacey was recognised for her volunteer work in the community in Aberystwyth, as Student Volunteer of the Year.

And Panna Karlinger, now a postgraduate student in (Mathematics) Education, compounded her success last year (Student Mentor of the Year) by winning Postgraduate Teacher of the Year, for her "ability to engage students with their learning" in Mathematics tutorials.

New lecturer Daniel Peck was nominated for lecturer of the year, a remarkable acheivement.

The annual awards celebrate the exceptional contributions of staff, students, academic representatives and departments at Aberystwyth University.

Hosted by Aberystwyth Students Union with the support of the University, this year’s ceremony took place on Thursday 30th April 2020. The awards are nominated, decided and presented by Aberystwyth University students.