Prizes for outstanding achievement in Mathematics

19 July 2021

Every year the department awards prizes, thanks to donations and bequests from previous staff and students, to students who have excelled in their Mathematics studies over the previous year.

Several finalists have been awarded prizes this year. And the winners are:

The Pennington Prize for Pure Mathematics, in memory of Prof. Barry Pennington, Head of Pure Mathematics 1961-1968. This prize is awarded for outstanding performance by a final year student. This year's winners are Adrian Wisnios, Hywel Normington, Aleksandra Dacko, Caryl Jones and Stanley Gough.

The O.L. Davies Prize for Statistics, in memory of Prof. Owen Davies, Head of Statistics 1968-1975. This prize is awarded for the best performance in statistics by an undergraduate student, and this year's winner is Sian Turner.

The T.V. Davies Prize for Applied Mathematics, in memory of Prof. T.V. Davies, Head of Applied Mathematics 1958-1967. This prize is awarded for excellent performance in Applied Mathematics by an undergraduate or postgraduate student, and this year's winners from among our finalists are Amelia Bell and Harry Sullivan.

The Clive Pollard Prize for Mathematics named for a former student who graduated in Pure Mathematics in 1972. It is awarded to mathematics students who have shown the greatest improvement in their part 2 academic work. The winners are Jack Zsigo, Lauren Connolly, and Erwan Jones.

Adrian Wisnios and Hywel Normington also receive prizes from the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications ( for the best overall performance.

Congratulations to all of our graduates and particularly to the prize winners.

Prizes have also been awarded to non-finalists; we hope to congratulate these students in person when they return in September.

T.V. Davies Prizes for Applied Mathematics were awarded to Emma Gibson, Cherry Blackburn, Llio Davies, Hannah Cooper and Nathan Robertshaw, while V.C. Morton Prizes for Mathematics were awarded to E'lsie Ocaka, Katie Taylor and Christian Chelland.

The C.D. Easthope Award for Mathematics is awarded in memory of Dr Colin Easthope, Senior Lecturer in Applied Mathematics 1936-1975 and is for outstanding performance by any Mathematics undergraduate. This year Easthope awards went to Sam Grundy Tenn, Holly Blyth, Kaitlin Ashton, Patrik Liba, George Lee, John Aaltio, Trystan Hooper and Aneirin Griffiths.

Last, but by no means least, the Mike Jones Memorial Prize is awarded jointly by the Mathematics and Physics departments by bequest from the estate of a former student who died in 2009. This year's winner is Helen McDougall.

We look forward to welcoming back our undergraduate students and congratulate these prize winners.