Why Choose Aberystwyth?

What does Aberystwyth offer?

  • Superb setting, between the sea and the mountains
  • Guaranteed first-year accommodation
  • Generous scholarship support
  • A safe environment
  • No commuting or transport problems - or costs
  • Friendly university on a human scale, not teaching by numbers
  • Flexible courses
  • Fascinating bilingual culture - particularly interesting for language students

What does Modern Languages offer?

  • A range of modules in language, literature, culture and linguistics
  • Language courses at Beginners' level and Advanced (after "A" level)
  • Research-led teaching by recognised experts
  • Coordinated interdisciplinary teaching giving our courses a genuinely European flavour
  • High-quality Language Resource Centre with full multimedia facilities including film and television viewing
  • Dedicated workroom with computer terminals and reference works
  • A high proportion of language classes taught in the target language

First Year Flexibility

One of the great advantages of studying at Aberystwyth is the flexibility of the degree-scheme pathways. Some of you will come here knowing that you want to concentrate from the start on your chosen subject(s); others will want to take the opportunity to try out a new subject; and yet others know what they want to study to degree level but want to carry on with one of their other A-level subjects for a while yet. We cater to all these wishes.

Teaching Staff

The Department regards research activity as central to its functions, not only because of our scholarly responsibility to engage in such work, but also because our academic research underpins and informs our teaching at every level. We think that it is fundamental to University teaching that it be carried out by people involved in research. Knowledge is advancing far faster than textbooks are, and only by being taught by people who are themselves working at the forefront of their subjects can you be sure that what you are being taught is up-to-date. You wouldn’t want to be taught medicine by somebody whose knowledge was all second-hand, and the same goes for French literature or German linguistics or Spanish poetry: you need to be taught by the people who know most about the subject. They will be the people whose own research work means that they are closest to the latest information on the subject, and most in touch with colleagues around the world.

The Department is home to a major, AHRC-sponsored project on the Revision of the Anglo-Norman Dictionary.

Further information on Departmental research.