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Music is central to the celebration of cultural, social and political life in contemporary and historical Wales. Situated right at the heart of the nation, Aberystwyth University has made a key contribution to Wales’s proud and long-standing tradition of music-making. The University’s commitment to this tradition is evident in its continued investment in our Music provision.  Our commitment and investment is on-going, and we want to invite your views as to how we shape this wonderful provision for the future.

We are looking beyond COVID towards a new era of vibrant music-making, listening and engagement.  We want to provide a varied and stimulating musical experience which will spread the benefits music brings to as many parts of our community as possible; re-engaging with our existing audiences and participants but venturing on a new and exciting journey too.

Central to the Music provision’s mission is maintaining the exciting collaborative dynamic between University staff, students and the wider community in Aberystwyth.  We’re open to engaging with new styles, new musical modes and methodologies and opening up new vistas.  This will happen under the guidance of new leadership for Music over the coming year, as we look to appoint a figurehead who will bring their own ideas and specialisms, and be able to facilitate an action plan based on feedback from our communities.

Whether you’re a musician or someone who loves music of any kind, we want to hear your voice now.

How to help shape the future of Music at Aberystwyth

Please use the form below.

The online submissions will start on 27 October 2020 and end on 26 November 2020.

After this point, we will draft a vision statement which draws on the outcomes of our conversations and throw that open to further discussion at a number of virtual meetings, at which we can tease out as much detail as possible from you.

As we anticipate a great deal of interest in this topic, we ask that you restrict responses to a maximum of 500-words.

We very much look forward to hearing from you.

There will be two public meetings on Zoom regarding the music provision.

You will need to register for one of these meetings:

30 November 2020 from 6.00-7.00

2 December 2020 from 6.00-7.00 

If you are representing a music group or organisation you are requested to send two representatives only to the meeting.