Our Donors

The Old College has a strong heritage with many students having passed through its doors.

Hear from some of our donors who are proud to be part of this iconic fundraising campaign.

  • It's where I had all my undergrad lectures and used the main Library, so holds a host of memories. I would love to see it as a new vibrant hub of the community.

    Eleanor Coker (BA English, 1972)
  • I'm a 1970 Aber Chemistry graduate. I am forever grateful for the opportunities that opened up to me after graduating. I have great memories of cramming in the O.C. Libraries, and sitting finals there.

    Robert Smethurst (BSc Chemistry, 1970)
  • Its a wonderful building, and I always feel at home when I see it.

    David McKay (BScEc International Politics & History, 2001)
  • The Old College is such an important part of the Aberystwyth University experience, and of the town itself. As an alumni of the university, preserving it for future generations and bringing it back into the heart of university life is vitally important.

    Amy Blaney (BA English Literature, 1972)
  • I remember seeing Old College on my first visit to Aberystwyth and wondering what it was and why such a magnificent building in a truly amazing location was seemingly unloved and unused. Well here is the chance to change all that!

    John Glasby (staff member at Aberystwyth University)
  • I have wonderful memories of such happy times studying in Aber and the Old College was central to that. It should be preserved and evolve to meet the needs of today’s students and community.

    Darren Pearce (BA Drama and French, 1999)
  • The Old College was central to my Aber experience. I spent hours in various parts of the library, particularly enjoying the view of the Bay from the English room.

    Belinda Hinsley (BA Classical Studies & History, 1976)
  • Perhaps I took the Old College for granted when I studied at Aber. Perhaps now I feel a stronger need to show my gratitude. I would like to be part of the legacy and make a contribution to something that will outlast me!

    Stephen Neale (BSc Environmental Biology, 1991)
  • I set foot in the Old College last week for the first time in 47 years, with a group of friends who all met back then. We were given a fascinating tour and briefing on the project; nostalgia aside, I felt I had to support such vision and enthusiasm.

    Glenna McCulloch (BA English, 1972)
  • My career of 25 years all began at Old College back in 1993. I treasure the memories I have of my time here and am delighted to be able to give something back.

    Jonathan Downes (PGCE, 1994)