Statutory Returns

Higher Education Institutions in Wales are required to submit data, usually in very specific formats,   to a number of different regulatory bodies, including the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales (HEFCW) and the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA).  This data is used for a variety of different purposes such as informing the League Tables,  assessments of sustainability and quality by a range of agencies,  and can also have an impact on funding.    It is therefore very important that robust processes are in place to ensure that these statutory returns are completed correctly  - i.e. both compliant, and in full awareness of the onward impact of the results  All return compilers should have a timetable for each of their returns, particularly if other parts of the university is involved. 

Statutory Returns Assurance Form

All return compliers are required to complete a Statutory Returns Assurance Form when submitting their returns.  The form should be signed by the Line Manager – usually a Head of Professional Service Area.  In so doing, that person confirms that they understand and agree  with the issues and solutions raised in the document.    This is thenauthorised by the person responsible for ‘signing-off’ the return (usually the Vice Chancellor), prior to the “signing-off” procedure required by that return;  in most cases it’s a signed print out which is then scanned and sent back to HESA/HEFCW.  TRAC and some research related returns are returned to HEFCE.   

 A scan of the signed form should be sent to Steve Walsh in the Planning and Governance Department (

Statutory Returns Assurance Form

 Statutory Returns Assurance Group

The Statutory Returns Assurance Group is Chaired by the Director of Planning and membership includes the return compliers for all the main statutory returns.    The group is responsible for improving the quality and assurance of statutory returns at Aberystwyth University and embedding clear project management of statutory return processes and responsibilities at Director/Head of function level.

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