Workload Allocation and Management Model

The Workload Allocation and Management Model (WAMM) is an online system which records the roles and planned activities of academic staff and can be used by Academic Line Managers (IDs, Heads of Department, Team Heads etc.) to assist in planning equitable workloads for the academic year.  The WAMM provides a means of recording information  which then provides  a basis for decisions about workload planning and allocation.   It ensures that key drivers of workload, such as student load, are recorded in a similar way across the University.   

Workload planning and management, however, remains an activity which can only be achieved successfully through discussions between line managers and individual staff, and is devolved to Institutes and Departments. 

Access to the WAMM

All Heads of Academic Departments, Institute Directors and Institute Managers have been given permission to access the WAMM data for their department or institute.  Other staff can be given access were required.  Anyone wishing to access the WAMM should first get permission from their Head of Department who will contact to set up the access.

Log on to the WAMM with your AU username and password.



Guidelines and Information

WAMM and the Effective Contribution Scheme

The WAMM  for individual members of staff  is reviewed as part of the Effective Contribution meetings between staff and their line managers (usually held in June/July), and helps to inform a conversation about the balance between the different elements (teaching and scholarship,  research,  leadership and management) of an academic’s role at Aberystwyth.

Effective Contribution Process - Academic Staff – Including WAMM reporting

Effective Contribution Scheme Website

WAMM Implementation Group

The WAMM Implementation Group operates as the advisory group to the University on matters related to the operation of the WAMM and its ongoing development. The Group is responsible for reviewing and deciding upon suggested tariffs and responding to requests to change WAMM in line with changing policy.  Overall governance of the WAMM sits with the Staffing and Professional Development Committee. 


  • (Chair)
  • Roger Boyle (UCU Rep)
  • Sue Chambers, Director of HR
  • Annette Davies, Institute Manager, IEGPD
  • Neil Glasser , Institute Director, IGHPP
  • Joe Ironside, Senior Lecturer in Animal Genetics, IBERS
  • Leslie Johns, Systems and Database Officer
  • Rebecca Kularatne, HR Manager
  • Chris Price, Director of Undergraduate Studies, IMPACS
  • Roger Santer, Lecturer in Zoology, IBERS
  • Martin Tranter, Project Management Accountant (TRAC)
  • Kath Williams, Institute Manager, ILLCA


For general comments or queries about the WAMM contact

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