Distance Learning Courses

A flexible approach to study that allows you to work at your own pace in your own place.

Aberystwyth offers Masters courses by Distance Learning in Agricultural Sciences, Information Management, Libraries & Archives and in Law.

These departments pursue a student centred, flexible, open learning approach which has proved not only popular with our students, but very successful in managing to make studying at a distance as rewarding and enjoyable as possible, particularly for those in full time employment or living outside the UK. 

Whilst our Information Management, Libraries & Archives and Law distance learning students participate in residential study schools, courses in Agricultural Sciences are entirely online. All are supported by web-based conferencing facilities which enable them to communicate with each other and the course tutors, easing the feeling of isolation that can sometimes be felt by distance learners.

Where attendance of residential schools in Aberystwyth are required, these have been designed to allow you to participate in case studies, discussions and other exercises which will enhance your understanding of the issues studied. They also provide you with the perfect opportunity to seek individual guidance on your coursework or any other problems you may be experiencing. Please read the course descriptions carefully so that you understand any commitments you may have to make in this area.

Online and Distance Learning Courses:

All the LLM courses offered by the Department of Law and Criminology are available through Distance Learning.  This delivery mode provides students with maximum flexibility, allowing you to study at home part-time or whilst whilst pursuing a professional career.  

More information about postgraduate study at the Department of Law and Criminology can be found at their website.