Living costs

Please note that non-EEA students who will require students visas to study in the UK must provide UK Visas and Immigration with evidence that they have sufficient funds for their proposed studies (i.e. tuition fees plus livings costs).

As of 12th November 2015, the minimum amount that the UKVI requires as evidence of funds available for living costs is £1,015 per calendar month for 9 months of study, i.e. a minimum of at least £9,135. You'll need to provide original evidence of any scholarship or original bank statements that the funds have been in your own accounts for at least 28 days prior to applying for your visa. 

We estimate that students will require the following amounts for each twelve months of study to cover accommodation, maintenance and personal spending. The figures are based on responses to a survey of our own students in Aberystwyth.

 Annual non-EU living costsMiddle prediction Upper prediction
 Books/ iTunes  £132  £163
 Laundry / Optical care / Dental care  £339  £398
 Internet/Broadband costs  £163  £250
 Heating  £280  £384
 Telephone  £353  £531
 UK Travel  £560  £737
 Clothes/ Shoes  £471  £781
 Leisure / Eating out / Socialising  £766  £958
Food (exc. eating out & alcohol)   £1,636  £2,078
 Accommodation  £4,996  £5,629
 TOTAL  £9,695  £11,909

Please note that these Living Expenses do not include travel from the country of origin to Aberystwyth.

For non-EEA students who require student visas, the above costs do not include the visa application fee for the Immigration Health Surcharge. These would have to be paid in advance of your travel to the UK. Please note the information on our Visas, Support & Advice page. 

The above are estimated ranges of living costs for 12 months. These are only guidelines as some students will be able to live more cheaply whilst others will spend more. Note however that our full-time Masters courses last 12 months and PhD programmes last a minimum of three full calendar years, so budget accordingly.