Entrance Counseling & Exit Counseling

If this is your first loan, you must undertake Entrance Counseling. Your loan will not be originated unless you have done so. Even if you have obtained loans in the past, it is still advisable that you undertake Entrance Counseling. Avoiding Entrance Counseling on-line could result in your loan not being disbursed as it is an in-built feature of the relevant U.S. Department of Education's database. Entrance Counseling is therefore strongly advised for all students.  Not only is it beneficial in the long term but it could avoid delays to your disbursements.

All students must undertake Exit Counseling towards the end of their course. You must do this before receiving your final disbursement.

N.B. Your final disbursement may be withheld if you have not completed Exit Counseling on-line. Please send confirmation that you have undertaken Exit Counseling to usloans@aber.ac.uk at the appropriate time. 

Please note that if you are on a 3-year programme and thus have to take out a loan for each of the 3 academic years, you only have to undertake the Entrance Counseling once, before you start the course, and the Exit Counseling once, towards the end of your course. The following timeline will apply:

  • Bachelors students: undertake Exit Counseling in the April of their final (i.e. 3rd) year
  • Masters students: undertake Exit Counseling in the April of their 1-year course.  (N.B. Applicable to taught Masters and MPhil students)
  • PhD students: undertake Exit Counseling in the April of their 3rd year.