Course Specific Equipment

The department owns subject specific equipment that you are able to loan from us to aid with studying and project work.

These are rentable via our department technician via email enquiry prior to collection. We make all efforts to help you have the equipment you need, when you need it and help you being able to use it properly.

Email to arrange booking equipment


Hayesmall Dictaphone

This handy little Dictaphone is great for doing interview recordings. Simple to use and conveniently small to carry to your interview. With 13 hours of recording time and easy connectivity with your laptop or home PC, it’s all you need to record interviews on the go.


HD Video Cameras

We have a range of great digital cameras which all record full HD video footage and great audio. Provided with a large 64Gb or 32Gb SD card and optional tripod, you can easily record all the high quality video you need.


Toshiba Satellite Pro Laptop

If you’re in the department and want a laptop to help you study in one of our student spaces, we have these good spec laptops for you to borrow. Once returned they are fully cleared of all information to keep your details safe.


Sportline Stopwatch

Timekeeping is important when researching experiments, sometimes the best way to do this is with a stopwatch. With long battery life and millisecond precision this is the only stop watch you'll need.


Target Fitness Heartrate Watch

This heart rate monitoring watch can be used to help measure anxiety, or other psychological responses shown by increased heartrate in situations where bigger equipment might not be appropriate.