Course Specific Software

As a member of Psychology at Aberystwyth University you get access to specialist software free of charge in order to help with your studies.

This ranges from statistics and transcription programs to stimulus creation programs which can time events on a screen with split second precision. All these are supported by our Technical Staff. 

Office 365

Being part of Aberystwyth allows you free access to the latest programs from Microsoft including; Word, Excel, Publisher and many more! This comes as part of your email system and can be downloaded onto your PC and/or Laptop to be used free of charge as long as you remain an Aberystwyth student.

To find out how to install the Office 365 suite visit HERE

Olympus DSS

The Olympus DSS Player works with our Transcription Peddles to allow convenient transcription of audio files, with the simple graphical user interface allowing a quick start into the audio transcription world of professionals. It is installed in our transcription room and cubicles, as well as being available for loan alongside the peddles from our department technician.

Email to ask arrange loaning transcription equipment HERE


SPSS is a statistical software package which allows you to organise and analyse data-sets. SPSS includes functions allowing you to perform descriptive and inferential statistical tests. Students will learn how to use SPSS for data analysis purposes during their second year quantitative research methods module. The software is available for free on all computers on campus.

Students can also download the software for use on personal computers HERE


Endnote is a desktop bibliographic referencing application most commonly used to help with referencing, citations and bibliographies. It is available to use for free in computer rooms on campus and to purchase for home use through Information Services. The department also has the ability to put on training sessions with our departmental librarian to help you learn to use it as effectively as possible.

More information on Endnote at the university can be found HERE


The E-Prime suite is used for computerized experimental design, data collection and analysis. It allows us to create stimulue and measure data with millisecond precision as well as integrating with both our eye tracking and biological measuring systems to provide research level experiments. The software is supported by our departmental technician and mainly used for student dissertations.


Transana is software that assists with the qualitative analysis of text, image, audio and video data. Users can embed data files and create transcripts as audio and video clips playback. The software is particularly useful for conversation analysis research as it contains shortcuts to the key symbols used in Jefferson transcription.

Adobe CC

During your time with us you may need specialised media creating/editing for use with dissertations or projects. Our departmental technician has access to the full Adobe CC suite which allows for Video, Audio and Graphic editing using the latest cutting edge software and is able to use this to assist you when appropriate.