Aberystwyth University’s Research Office has recently joined the Euraxess  Local Contact Point (LCPs) network….one of only two places in Wales to join!  Euraxess Local Contact Points form a developing network of Universities across the UK and Europe all ‘badged’ with the Euraxess honour. These LCPs support the staff of their own institution by providing assistance to researchers coming to or leaving the institution. Becoming a LCP can attract world-class research talent to our institution and encourage UK researchers to gain experience abroad which is something that helps the University become connected with researchers abroad and facilitates the creation of international collaboration. Reviewers of applications to EU research grants  are likely to be reassured by our status that internationally mobile fellows supported by their grants will receive the best possible help and advice to settle-in at our institution, and hence the Euraxess LCP badge should help grant capture. 

 In the meantime, AU academics wanting advice are welcome to contact 

 Information about Euraxess for non-AU academics, including the contact details of the LCP can be found on