Directory of IDs, HoDs and Directors of Research

Institute and Departmental Directors of Research have a key role to play in working with Institute Directors/Heads of Department to create an appropriate research culture and operate an effective Institute/Departmental research structure. They will be proactive champions of research and work on a range of research issues. In addition, some departments are appointing Impact DoRs to aid in the development of impact case studies for REF within their institute/ department; acting as the liaison between individual case study authors and the REF & Research Monitoring Team.

IAH Research Contacts


Institute of Arts and Humanities

Institute Director  Prof Tim Woods 01970 621775
  Institute Director of Research Dr Andrew Davies 01970 628743
  IAH Manager Ms Kath Williams 01970 621535

Portfolio Research Manager

Mrs Ceris Medhurst-Jones 01970 621517
School of Art HoD Prof Robert Meyrick 01970 622460
  REF Professor Colin Cruise 01970 622465
School of Education HoD Prof Malcolm Thomas  01970 622102
  HoD’s PA  Emma Robinson 01970 622678 
  Research Contact  Dr Sian Lloyd-Williams  01970 628547

Department of English & Creative Writing 

HoD  Dr Louise Marshall  01970 622988 

Department of Modern Languages

HoD   Guy Baron 
01970 622569  
  Admin  Lora Gibson 01970 622564 
  Admin  Sylvie Fombonne  01970 622552 

Department of Theatre Film & Television Studies (TFTS)

HoD Dr Anwen Jones  01970 621659 

Department of Welsh and Celtic Studies 

HoD Dr Cathryn Charnell-White  01970 622851 

IBERS Research Contacts


Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences

Institute Director Prof Michael Gooding  01970 823001
  Institute DoR Dr Alison Kingston-Smith 01970 823062
IBERS Theme - Agriculture and Environmental Sciences HoD Prof Iain Donnison 01970 823092
  DoR/Impact DoR Dr Dylan Gwynn-Jones 01970 622318
IBERS Theme -Animal and Aquatic Sciences HoD Dr Pippa Moore 01970 622293
  DoR/Impact DoR Dr Chris Creevey 01970 621612
IBERS Theme - Biology and Health HoD Dr Rhys Thatcher 01970 628630
    Professor Luis Mur 01970 622981

IBL Research Contacts


Institute of Business and Law 

Institute Director Prof Jo Crotty 01970 622740 
  Institute Director of Research Prof Michael Christie  01970 622217 
  Portfolio Manager for Learning 
and Teaching, Research
Dr Dominika Komaniecka 01970 622720
Law and Criminology DoR Prof Ryszard Piotrowicz  01970 621657 
  Impact DoR Ms Sarah Wydall  01970 622730 
Management and Business DoR Dr Kyriaki Remoundou  01970 622522 
  Impact DoR  Dr Maria Plotnikova  01970 622507 

IGHPP Research Contacts


Institute of Geography, History, Politics and Psychology

Institute Director Professor Neil Glasser 01970 622785
  Institute Director of Research (Science)  Dr Andy Mitchell 01970 622640
  Director of Research (Non-Science) Professor Milja Kurki 01970 628639
  Portfolio Manager for Research for IGHPP  Mrs Sarah Jones  01970 622581 
Department of Geography and Earth Sciences HoD Prof Paul Brewer 01970 622586
  DoR Prof Peter Merriman 01970 622574
  Impact DoR Prof David Kay 01970 622634

Department of History & Welsh History 

HoD Dr David Jones  01970 622840 
  DoR  Prof Phillipp Schofield  01970 622660 
  Impact DoR  Prof Peter Borsay  01970 622250 

Department of International Politics 

HoD  Prof Richard Beardsworth  01970 628637 
  DoR  Dr Berit Bliesemann de Guevara  01970 622852 

Department of Psychology

HoD  Prof Nigel Holt  01970 628526 
  DoR  Dr Sarah Riley  01970 628482 
  Impact DoR  Dr Jenny Mathers  01970 622705 

IMPACS Research Contact


Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science

Institute Director

Professor Qiang Shen 01970 621825

Institute Director of Research

Professor Reyer Zwiggelaar 01970 628691

Department of Computer Science 


Bernie Tiddeman

01970 621777
Department of Mathematics  HoD

Professor Simon Cox 01970 622764

Department of Physics


Professor Andrew Evans 01970 622800

IPD Research Contact

Institute of Professional Development

Institute Director Prof Judy Broady-Preston 01970 622185
Department of Information Studies Director of Reasearch Prof David Ellis 01970 622170