Research with Impact

Academic research has the power to deeply affect our lives by creating medical, social, cultural, economic and environmental benefits. The Aberystwyth ‘Research with Impact’ programme aims to showcase the ways in which our excellent research makes a difference outside of academia. This includes success stories of commercial exploitation of research as well as strategic engagement with non-academic stakeholders.

The case studies listed below are detailed examples of instances where excellent research undertaken at Aberystwyth University has produced significant benefits for a wide variety of stakeholders outside of academia.


The True Colour of Mars

Technology being developed at Aberystwyth may ensure future representation of the natural colours of Mars

Healthier Oats for a Healthy Diet

Growing new improved varieties of oats to improve health and benefit the UK economy

What's Welsh for Performance?

Our research has influenced the presentation, conservation and general understanding of performance art in Wales

Saving Lives in Kosovo

Commissioned research reduces mortality from lead poisoning

Improving Yeast Monitoring for Better Beer

Aberystwyth researchers have influenced the development of commercial brewing products

Recovering and Exhibiting Marginalised Art

Art history research informs public and practitioners’ understanding of important figures, historical practices and artefacts

Human Rights and Older People

Law professor advises practitioners on the existing legal framework to protect older people

Tween Audiences and Welsh-Language Television Production

Providing a unique ‘snap-shot’ of contemporary childhood in Wales and shaping children’s’ television programming

Climate Change Research for the Masses

Informing public perceptions of the influence of climate change on Earth’s ice masses

Global Health Through Public Policy

Helping to reduce the social and economic consequences of HIV and AIDS

Improved Soil Health

Participatory approach to research has impacted commercial farming practice across Wales

Setting Quality Standards for Recreational Waters

Improving the roll out of environmental policy by incorporating real-time prediction of water quality

Addressing the problem of human trafficking

Research on migration law shapes international policy and legislation

Greater Powers and Responsibilities for Town & Community Councils

Research has directly led to changes in the powers and regulatory structures of parish, town and community councils in England and Wales

Increased Food Security through Improved Pearl Millet

Research carried out at Aberystwyth University in partnership with Bangor University, has led to the breeding of a disease-resistant variety of pearl millet (HHB67-Improved)

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