Global Health Through Public Policy 

A major contributor to HIV and AIDS debate, helping to reduce the impact of HIV and AIDS

Due to the pioneering work undertaken in the Department of International Politics, Aberystwyth University is considered a key influencer and major contributor to the global HIV and AIDS debate.

Over the last 30 years, more than 60 million people have been infected, at least 25 million people have died and more than 16 million children have been orphaned by AIDS.

More than 95% of HIV infections are in developing countries, two-thirds of them in African states, where over 28 million people are living with HIV.

For most of the past decade, Professor Colin McInnes has been researching and working on the relationship between health, foreign and security policy in relation to HIV and AIDS and how globalisation is changing global patterns of health and disease.

His perspective is that HIV/AIDS should not be looked at simply as a medical issue, but in terms of the security implications and the social impact it has on individuals, families, communities and the wider state.

The disease is having a major impact on social and economic development and as households lose one or more breadwinners to AIDS, poverty is increasing in many countries.

Both public services and private companies are also increasingly dealing with the impact of HIV-related sickness and deaths among their workforce.

The disease may threaten the institutions that make a state run effectively and could undermine confidence not just in a government but in the state itself. Such a situation poses a huge security problem globally. 

Colin McInnes is a UNESCO Professor of HIV/AIDS, Education and Health Security in Africa and is also Director of the Centre for Health and International Relations (CHAIR). He joined the Department of International Politics in 1986.

"The risk HIV poses to peace and security is far more nuanced than we thought in 2000"

UNAIDS Executive Director, 2011 [directly echoing McInnes' argument on HIV/AIDS and security]


Research Aims

  • Generate impact on both public policy and public policy discussions
  • Inform and create discussion and debate among policy-makers and officials
  • Raise awareness and understanding of this subject nationally, internationally and globally


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