House Rules on Social Media

  1. Information for all Users
  2. Information for Staff
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Information for all users

This information is meant to help our users of all our Social Media Channels.

Aberystwyth University welcomes contributions from all our community to our Social Media channels.

We encourage all users to engage in a respectful manner.

All of our social media channels allow visitors to engage in a range of topics and we are always pleased to see people interacting with us and with each other in areas such as studying with us, research, news, events and any other student, staff or alumni related activities. We are pleased that you would like to participate in our conversations. We ask that all those that choose to engage please take note of the following house rules:

We believe strongly that all of our community have the right to feel safe and happy whilst engaging with us on social media. We understand that users of our social media presences wish to express themselves and we will endeavour to be flexible and to encourage discussion and interaction at all levels (including videos, photograph sharing and dicussions on forums). However, we will remove postings which we feel are inappropriate in any way.

Users cannot use the University name to promote or endorse any product, opinions, cause or political party. Stating that Aberystwyth University endorses your personal opinion is prohibited.

Persistent harassment, any form of bullying, libelling, indecent language, slander, abuse, or obscenities could result in an individual being permanently banned.

Commercial content may also be subject to removal. Persistent posting, and what we consider to constitute spamming of our pages, could result in users being permanently banned.

We ask that those with personal social media accounts are mindful of who can view their profile and act accordingly. You may be friends with colleagues, students, prospective students or University partners and should therefore consider carefully before posting comments regarding Aberystwyth University and anything that could cause offence or be viewed as contravening confidentiality rules.

Aberystwyth University upholds the statement of rights and responsibilities administered by external social media websites and kindly request that our fans and followers do the same.  We encourage all of our students, staff and associates to use the ‘report’ link when you find abusive content.

Aberystwyth University will not be held responsible for the comments, photos, wall posts or any interactions from the users on our Social Media pages. Our social media websites are administered and checked during the normal working week (Mon-Fri).

Information for staff:

1. Internet postings should not disclose any information that is confidential or proprietary to Aberystwyth University or to any third party that has disclosed information to the institution.

2. If an employee comments on any aspect of the University's activities, it is not enough to clearly identify themselves as an employee and include a disclaimer. Posts on social media sites should be professional and respectful in tone. If an employee is posting on behalf of the University, or even in the capacity of a member of the University, that may reflect on the University’s reputation. Members of staff should be aware that as employees of the University they will influence and form part of the University's reputation online. Do not make offensive or derogatory remarks about students, members of staff or other individuals, and do not post obscene or derogatory images. The University reserves the right to take disciplinary action if appropriate and, in extreme cases, defamation can lead to legal action. For the Information Services policy on this, please see this weblink:

3. Employees should protect the University brand and when posting on an official University social media presence, employees are seen to be representing the University and therefore will have a responsibility to ensure communications are appropriate (for the audience and in keeping with other University Policies). Staff should be accurate, respectful of others and the work that the University does.

4. Internet postings should not include the University logo or trademarks unless permission is asked for and granted by the Social Media Officer.

5. Internet postings must respect copyright, privacy, fair use, financial disclosure, and other applicable laws.

6. Employees should neither claim nor imply that they are speaking on the University's behalf, unless permission is granted to do so by the Senior Management Team.

7. All Corporate blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, etc., require agreement by the Social Media Officer when the employee is posting about the University.

8. Aberystwyth University reserves the right to request that certain subjects are avoided, withdraw certain posts, and remove inappropriate comments.

9. The personal use of social media should be kept to a minimum during your working hours. Be mindful that others can see what you post on social websites and when you are posting it. 

10. We also encourage the use of social media in relation to the wider University communications, student support, learning, teaching and research. We advise that staff contact the Social Media Officer when wishing to engage with Social Media. 

11. Requests for information to be posted out to Aberystwyth University run social media websites should be made to the Social Media Officer: 

12. Requests for removal of content from an Aberystwyth University run social media website should be made to the Social Media Officer: 

13. Requests to set up a presence on a Social Media website should be made to the Social Media Offcier: 

14. Permission to Remove, Comment and Post on behalf of the University and all its departments is granted by the Social Media Officer, who in turn has been granted permission to do so by the Senior Management Team. All requests should be made through this contact.  

Further Sources:

There is also some Supporting Documentation to this webpage which can be viewed.

HR policieis and Procedures: