Good Morning Spin

This class takes you on a journey to fitness. A combination of different drills to challenge you - no matter how fit or unfit you are! Come and join our group for an enjoyable way to start the day. Advice on posture and technique is given.

Early Morning Spin

This class offers a variety of Begin 2 Spin drills but takes into consideration that most people have just woken up. Intensity is slightly more controlled.

Begin 2 Spin

A fantastic studio cycling experience introducing the concepts of fitness training to the bikes. The class offers elements of stamina and Cardio-vascular training with time to focus on core stability and strength drills.

Hills And Thrills

This cycling experience brings the concepts of interval training to the bikes. The class is designed to incorporate stamina, strength and cardio-vascular training whilst motivating you to push that little bit more.

Heart Rate Training

Whether you exercise to burn fat and calories, feel energised or want to strengthen your cardiorespiratory system, your body needs to work at the right intensity - not too strenous and not too light. Using a heart rate monitor is the most effective way to ensure that your spin training delivers the results you want, while avoiding plateaus, fatigue and injury.
With a heart rate monitor, you can take your spinning workouts to a whole new level. Richie Martin will guide you through the Energy Zones that are right for you. 

You will need to be in sports kit, including trainers. Please bring a drink and a towel with you. Heart Rate Monitors are available to usem on request.

Sportif Spin Challenge

A Cyclesportif traditional falls between a road race and the more challenging non-competitive randonnée or Audax events.  The class format will follow similar protocols moving away from race pace riding (high cadence) into more long hills climbs that will get your quads singing for you to stop.

You will be in the saddle for slightly longer to build on your endurance base and extended calorie expenditure, as the session is for 60mins.