Kids' Classes

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Price: £42.50 (Members), £55.00 (Non Members) for the 10 week course. £6 (Taster Session)

If you would like to guarantee your child’s place, please call into reception to sign up or call 01970 62 2280.


In each term of classes we work towards our Level Scheme. Syllabus covered is as follows:


Level 1

  • Naming fundamental climbing equipment.
  • Understanding the principles of movement on rock.
  • Identifying basic hazards.
  • Identifying features in the climbing wall environment.

Level 2

  • Understanding the principles of safe top rope climbing.
  • Correctly putting on a climbing harness and naming the parts.
  • Demonstrating an understanding of basic hand and foot holds.
  • Understanding the importance of warming up properly.

Level 3

  • Demonstrating independently the principles of safe top rope climbing.
  • Demonstrating good use of basic hand and foot holds.
  • Warming up independently.
  • Understanding the grading system.

Level 4

  • Understanding the principles of safe lead climbing.
  • Demonstrating good weight distribution and efficient climbing.
  • The knowledge of more advanced holds and climbing techniques.
  • Understanding and demonstrate good spotting technique.

Level 5

  • Lead climb safely.
  • Demonstrate good use of advanced holds and techniques.
  • Demonstrate to others good movement and belaying technique (coaching younger climbers).