Registration & Induction


All climbers must complete a Box Rox Registration Form before accessing the facility, for which a one off fee of £6 is charged.

Junior Climbers

Juniors must be supervised by an adult (experienced climber or inducted), who must sign a 'Responsibility Acceptance Form' at Reception on each visit - the maximum ratio of adult to juniors on such visits is 1:2. There is a 'Guidance for Supervision of Junior Climbers' form available at Reception for your information.

Novice Climbers

Novice Climbers must attend an induction or be supervised by an experienced climber who has signed a Responsibility Acceptance Form with the novice present.

Experienced Climbers

Experienced Climbers having completed the self-assessed competence declaration as part of the Registration Form are able to start climbing straight away.


If you're new to climbing or perhaps a bit rusty then an induction will familiarise you with the wall and the measures you need to climb safely. Inductions are caried out by a qualified climbing instructor and are undertaken in small groups. To book a induction please visit the Sports Centre or call 01970 622280


Safety Notes

To ensure the safety of all climbers, on-going surveillance of the climbing wall will be conducted. This ensures climbers adhere to the standards of good climbing practice, as laid out in the Box Rox Conditions of Use. Any climbers failing to meet the standards required to climb safely will be asked to:

  1. Modify their climbing appropriately

  2. (Re) take the induction

  3. In the case of persistent offenders – have their Box Rox Membership revoked