Gym FAQs

How can I use the facility?

The Sports Centre will re-open its doors from the 24th August to members only – If you are a new customer to activate your membership please click on the following link: Membership. As a member, you will need to book your activity before your arrival at the Sports Centre, you are not able to turn up without a booking, and casual access and walk-up's will not be possible. Bookings can be made through our online booking system, which will be live soon or over the phone at reception – please call 622280.

Do I have to be a member?

When we re-open on the  24th of August, you will now have to be a member to access all of our different services within the facility. If you are a new customer, you can activate your membership by clicking on the following link: Membership

How much does it cost to use the gym?

Please consult our Prices page for information about how much it costs to use the gym.

Will I have access to all area's for the Gym?

The gym is split in to two different areas, the Main Gym, and the Free Weights Gym. The main gym includes all of the strength and cardiovascular fitness machines and is located in the main hall and the first floor. The free weights gym includes the free weights room, and plate-loaded room. When booking a slot, you will only be able to book for one of these areas, and you will not be able to with between these areas during your session.

More information regarding the new Sports Centre and Gym specific guidelines can be found here: COVID-19 Information

What is the Platinum Pass?

Platinum membership gives you unlimited access to the Wellness Centre and the Free Weights, Group Exercise Classes on our Fit-together Programme, Group Spinning, Swim&Sauna and acces to the Climbing Wall. Information on costs and options can be found at our membership pages.

Can I get additional support after completing the Induction?

We have supervised times during the week, these tend to be 10.00am - 9.15pm Monday to Friday. Our qualifiied gym instructors are there to assist you if required.  Alternatively, if you are looking for a specific programme design or goal, please check out our Personal Training Service.

I have been inducted elsewhere, do I have to be inducted again?

It is compulsory for you to go through the University accreditation process to gain access to our facilities which is provided by qualified instructors and is tailored specifically to the Fitness Centre. This complies with health and safety legislation.

Do I need to bring anything to the Induction?

The accreditation is partly active, so you will need to be wearing gym clothes such as tracksuit and trainers. (Please do not come in jeans or shoes). You will get to try the equipment and ask questions, some people will take notes during this session, or make notes of the correct machines settings for future reference.

A water bottle and towel is also recommended.