Representing an investment of £250,000, the new facilities offer state of the art cardio equipment, strength & conditioning apparatus supplied by Matrix Fitness. Further specialist equipment from WattbikeSciFit, Boditrax and Conceptprovide our users with the very best kit on the market. Runners and cyclists are able to follow trails and routes anywhere in the world with the use of virtual technology, climb some of the world's landmark buildings including the Eiffel Tower and the world's tallest building - the Burj Khalifa. Our members will also be able to use the SportAber and personal training apps and combine all their training data with apps such as Strava, Map My Fitness and Fitbit.


Matrix 7xi Series Cardio Vascular Machines

12 Treadmills
3 Climbmills
3 Ellipticals 
3 Ascent Trainers
2 Upright Bikes
2 Recline Bikes 


Located in the S&C and Plate-Loaded Rooms

IFI Series

Matrix works in partnership with the IFI as a Research Associate to support the development of equipment, which overcomes barriers to participation and enhances the workout experience and opportunity for all users. We continue to adapt, design and develop a wide range of inclusive resistance products to enable as many people as possible to benefit from regular exercise, training and conditioning to improve their health and fitness.

Functional Trainer 

Magnum Series 

There’s no better choice for professional athletes than the unrivaled performance and unmatched durability of the Magnum Series. Advanced options like Breaker Benches and MEGA Racks help athletes reach their potential in smart new ways, and the impeccable designs stand up to the most demanding environments.


Powerful yet comfortable. Advanced functionality with intuitive operation. The industry’s most durable components wrapped in breathtaking industrial design. The Ultra Series goes beyond your expectations of strength training equipment to earn and retain members like nothing else.

Pectoral Fly

Converging Chest Press

Diverging Lat Pulldown

Diverging Seated Row 

Converging Shoulder Press

Leg Press

Leg Curl 

Leg Extension 

Abdominal Crunch

Back Extension 

Hip Abductor

Hip Adductor 


Superior styling made the Aura Series an instant classic. Signature features made it one of the most-imitated product lines in the industry. Choose the Aura Series, and you’ll discover that beginners and fitness enthusiasts alike will be drawn to something that the competition can’t imitate — an unmistakable aura of greatness.

4 - Stack Multi-Station

Functional Trainer 

Dip / Chin Assist